Friday, May 17, 2013

Rememberance purity truth

Dadi Janki - 17.5.13 – GCH, London
Clarifying what is remembrance, what is truth, what is purity
When you hear Baba’s murli, you automatically remember Baba. Why do I remember Baba especially? Don’t remember
anyone but Baba – in fact, don’t even remember how to do this! When you don’t remember bodily beings and relations
even by mistake, you can have extra remembrance of Baba.
Baba is keeping you in His eyes, so would you not remember Him? How much do you experience your own intoxication and
express that in your activity and behaviour? Wonderful service is happening and each one is playing their special part and
so should I not remember Baba and the wonders of Baba’s games in the drama?
Today in the blessing Baba said never to get disheartened - never to say that someone will never change. Good wishes
cost nothing and they are what work. I remember how Baba has good wishes for everyone. Baba then says we have to
demonstrate our bhavna practically by surrendering everything and thereby become a conqueror of attachment. Check that
your money isn’t being used for anything sinful. When you truly surrender to Baba, you receive such blessings from Baba.
Baba tells us everything very directly – that’s why I love Him so much. I didn’t realise so many children would take birth. So
what is Baba’s plan? Instruments are just instruments. I find out whatever the programme is when I need to know it;
otherwise everything is pre-planned, and so I don’t need to think about it.
I asked Mama once how she stayed in silence, so accurate in yoga. Mama replied: I keep my intellect plain. With Mama’s
intellect we saw the wonder of yoga. Although she was Baba’s daughter, she was the same as Baba in her efforts. Many
had visions through Brahma Baba. Baba had visions, although Mama never did. But when you looked at Mama, you would
be inspired to observe and learn from her.
Mama would speak the knowledge exactly how Baba had shared it. We saw how good Mama’s intellect was – in gyan,
yoga and dharna. Mama knew that seeing her activity, others will do the same. Mama made no show of her effort; it was
just her practical activity and experience. Mama had the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan made. She would give the
instrument creating the picture powerful vibrations and so what was created was such a beautiful picture. Whatever service
you do, fill it with alokik spirituality and divinity.
What is the difference between truth and purity? It’s a question of experience, not words. First is purity, and then truth. Truth
only comes, when there’s purity – in my thoughts, words and actions. If there is a negative thought, it pushes the soul to do
that. Waste thoughts will make you speak wastefully. So we have to be very cautious, alert and clever.
Mama made the quality of her thoughts the same as Baba’s. Mama practically became Bapsaman and she did no take time
over it. Day and night just have this concern yourself. It will happen, when you don’t spend time thinking you have to
surrender to Baba. If you waste time like this, the time will never come when you do surrender. Purity means only Baba and
none other. It is with purity that you can have yoga. Yoga brings power. The True Father, True Teacher and True Guide is
giving us the sustenance and study which is true and so it works. In my thoughts there’s complete purity. No waste thoughts
about anything or anyone. So, have faith in the intellect and remain carefree then you’ll receive the gift of being
unshakeable, knowing that destiny is fixed and everything is planned. This is the fruit of remembrance of the Father.
The Gardener sustains the seed in such a way that it can yield multifold fruit. Babulnath changes thorns into flowers, whilst
in the world all are being pricked by thorns. We give each other sorrow, chasing after temporary happiness and wasting our
time. That time is past now. In Bhakti there are so many temples with the different names of Baba: Parasnath (Lord of
Divinity, who turns iron into gold), Babulnath (Lord of Thorns), Amarnath (Lord of Immortality) and Somnath (Lord of Nectar
– the nectar of knowledge). Those temples were built in memory of the work Baba did at this time. Let me stay in the
awareness – in remembrance - of all that Baba is doing.
We have to remember the effort we need to make: 1) not to remember anyone else. Your happiness reduces if you
remember others and 2) no one should remember me. Make so much effort that no one remembers you anymore – as if
you have died – and no one that pulls your intellect in any way.
It is said: the root of religion is compassion and the root of sin is ego. The proof of remembrance is no ego. If I have mercy,
I can do service like Baba. If I talk about someone’s error, that is not mercy. If I have forgiveness, I can remember Baba. Truth and love can reach you from Baba and pull you; you will feel, as the song goes, as if ‘Someone is pulling me with the
string of love.’ The string of love pulls us towards our original home. Experience this at amrit vela and also during the day,
while you’re cooking, washing - or whatever work you’re doing. Take the practical benefits of remembrance. If you have a
headache, don’t go and sleep; go into the kitchen and work and you’ll feel better.
What Baba did himself and inspired us to do stays in our awareness and we’re seeing the fruit of that now. Keep Baba’s
stories in your mind throughout the day and then remembrance is easy.
Keep the atmosphere so powerful that it pulls people like a magnet. This is service.
Om shanti