Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holiness of the Heart

Yes, there is a holiness to the heart’s affections
When one is moved in purity and truth to love another
Or rather there ought to be a holiness
A recognition of the divine
An acknowledgment of the spirit of creation
A healthy respect for the holy union
Of two souls captured
With a mutual affection and bound
Without self consciousness to express
Such a delight of relatedness
It is still so wonderfully innocent
In an age where innocence is rapidly being obliterated by progress
In a world where nothing is sacred
And vulnerability is seen as an opportunity for exploitation
The heart’s affections then, are surely the most sacred
In a world where nothing else is
And are to be honoured, respected and heard
For in listening to the inner whisperings of one’s heart
One may learn something more valuable and precious than gold
For to evolve through Love
Is the greatest spiritual teaching on Earth
To which one may aspire
From personal through transpersonal
To unconditional and universal
Emanating like the sun
Fostering life where previously there was none
An illumination of the soul
A massive deposit in the karmic bank account of destiny
A lifetime investment that can never depreciate, even into the afterlife
The true role of love is to uplift and inspire
Infectious like a smile
Like a virus of giggles
Like a sweeping epidemic of laughter and joy
A conscious choice everyday
There really is only One way forwards
Everything else
Is resistance