Tuesday, October 8, 2013

thoughts too ponder

It’s Time – Truth Brings Power
Many of us are able to acknowledge that truth is a force that brings a certain
power with it, but do we appreciate the connection between living a life of truth -
honesty, purity and righteousness – and becoming powerful spiritual individuals?
Every time we return the extra change that the cashier has mistakenly given to
us, every time we log in our hours of work honestly, every time we admit our
mistake in a situation, we are in fact empowering ourselves. Because every
decision taken from a true and pure place adds value, blessings and a stock of
good karma to the soul.
Corruption, stealing, lying, cheating and deceit all deplete us of our power. We
may seem to have won in the moment with our justifications and cunning nature,
yet we have not only lost our power but we are also taking our life course in the
wrong direction.
Trying to outsmart others never works - we may get what we want in the short
term, but we have lost out on the goodwill and good wishes of others which help
to oil and ease the wheels of our life. And since our motives were also underhand
we will be rewarded with the same quality of exchange – which is no fun is it?
The intellect has been responsible for our downfall. Every time we took a wrong
decision with the intellect while knowing it to be wrong, we weakened its
potential and power. We weakened our conscience. Very much like overusing a
damaged bridge whilst knowing it can break at any moment, we carry on eroding
away our strength. Choosing a truthful act over a negative or false one
empowers the intellect. Therefore, if we can once again take hold of the reins of
our intellect and steer it in a positive direction, we can take charge of our life.