Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going beyond silence

People from all walks of life take up things such as meditation. Now on offer is such a diverse number of spiritual practices, the mind boggles, and with the increase in technology that too has taken a giant leap. The difference between them is basically there aim and object. What do you really want too achieve out of your pursuit of meditation or spirituality. Is just because the group looks harmonious and happy or the statues are shiny that they meditate upon, or the incense smells great, or the clothes are enticing. My carrot I was attracted too was the synchronicity of the advert, its location etc. The universe was just saying do this now, here it is for you, layed out at your feet, so I did.The aim and object is very important, otherwise you are just churning water too make cream instead of milk. The more defined the aim and object is the easier it will be too achieve results. The outcome should increase your self respect through raising your consciousness and re-affirming those higher virtues you were born with. Or at least came down with from the Home of Souls Try this link