Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Year of saying ‘Your’ 29-09-2013
Week of experiencing relationships – Baba is my Supreme Teacher
Self Respect: I am a Godly Student.
What a great fortune I have such that, everyday GOD Himself comes down from the
Supreme Abode to teach me… can I give any excuse for such an elevated study? Through
this study, from being a common man I am becoming The Narayan… from being a fallen
sinner am becoming an elevated person… what a great regard I should have towards this
Yoga Practice:
 Listening to the Murli from BapDada in the Subtle World.
 I the Angel am inculcating the knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge and
showering the knowledge upon everyone in the World.
 I am the Master Ocean of Knowledge… I am combined with BapDada and
eliminating the darkness of ignorance from the entire World.
 I am a Godly Messenger… am standing at the middle of the Globe and blowing my
conch; the sound of which is waking up all the Kumbhakarnas of the World who
have been sleeping in the sleep of ignorance.
Point of Inculcation: Regular, Punctual and Obedient
An ideal student never misses his class & is punctual. He is present in the class even before
the Teacher arrives and follows all the instructions of the Teacher. This virtue makes him
immortal in the History of Mankind.
Point of Churning:
- What are the qualities of a Godly Student?
- What are the responsibilities and activities of a Godly Student?
- Draw a literal picture of an Ideal Student.
For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, not a single Elevated Personality or Religion Establisher ever
had the fortune to have GOD as their Teacher. In the entire Cycle we are the only Souls
who have the great fortune of having the guarantee from GOD to have multiple most
elevated births through the study of one birth. Those whom the World had made hopeless
and put down, the Supreme Teacher has given His Elevated Knowledge of Three Aspects
of Time and given hopes. We should be extremely grateful from heart to such an Elevated