Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dadi Janki speaks

Dadi Janki – 14th November 2013 – Gyan Sarovar
God is my friend

I the soul stay in this body, yet I am detached. The soul is in the body, detached and has a lot of love for God. We receive so much
love from Baba and that love enables us to be true and to remain on service. It is on the basis of love that we experience success.
There is then not even the need to question whether there will be success or not.

On the path of gyan we experience that the most important aspect of spirituality is compassion – mercy. Arrogance takes one away
from compassion. If you don’t have the experience of mercy then you cannot receive blessings. So open your heart and look at how it
is. Baba places such things in the heart that the soul keeps saying ‘thanks’ to Baba. In our hearts is compassion, mercy, forgiveness
and love… We have to forgive at every moment and then forget. They speak of a merciful heart. One with a merciful heart feels
compassion for those who are in trouble. Such souls have good relationships with others – they are able to keep on forgiving.

So look at your own self and Baba and you will see what you need to do quietly. Such souls get their work done with compassion,
mercy and feelings of forgiveness. Baba has told us not to take the law into our own hands. The Godly laws are what we should use for
our own selves. We should discipline ourselves with the Godly laws and maryadas. God looks at such a soul and says, ‘Yes, he is my
friend’. God is my friend and I am His friend.

Also, as much as possible, take benefit by remaining in deep silence. Don’t speak too much. Go beyond sound. Remember the home
and be in that state of deep internal silence all the time – as you stand, sit and move aroudn. Baba has told us that most of us don’t
write a true chart of remaining in remembrance. Do I sit and check my true chart? Do I check who else or what else I am
remembering? Someone who pays attention on their chart keeps a good record. Someone who has a good record is given a lot of
regard. The chart is of remembrance. Your record is of your virtues and how you use your virtues in practical life.

It is important to give regard to the seniors and respect to your equals. One who is the same inside and out receives regard. We should
give love to everyone and bring them close.

It is important to have the feeling of becoming like Baba. We are all becoming like Baba and thus we are becoming like one another.
We have to make Baba visible in front of the world. For this, His influence has to become visible in our lives. Secondly, we should be
loyal, trustworthy and faithful. For this I need to develop deep llove and maintain it day and night. Thirdly, we need to serve the new
members of our family. They come to Madhuban where God speaks the Murli. There is the pull to Madhuban and this brings everyone
close. Fourthly, I need to make everything I have profitable by using it in a worthwhile way. Baba has created this Yagya and we must
serve this Yagya.

I am soul, Baba is mine, each soul has their own accurate part, there is benefit in this drama. I don’t have to dislike anyone. If you
dislike anyone then you push Baba away from yourself.

If you accept things from others then you will remember them. Someone knitted a very nice sweater for Baba. He put it on for 10
minutes and then gave it away. He said that if wear this, I will remember the person who made it. If he (the other person) wears it, he
will remember Baba. So, as much as possible become a sample and live simply. There should not be anything of yours that pulls you
and that you have to look after.

If you remember Baba from your heart then you won’t remember anything else. If you remember Him from your intellect, something
else can come in your heart and you won’t remember Baba. Remember Him from your heart and you will be able to remain stable and
unshakeable. If you become confused or attracted the reason is that you don’t have true remembrance of Baba with love. In the
inheritance Baba has given is liberation and liberation in life. We are free from all things to do with others. We have to go back home
now. We need to use the knowledge we have received right now. In the future, the knowledge we receive now will be merged within
the soul

Om Shanti