Wednesday, November 13, 2013

deep cleansing of past sins through meditation

It’s Time - Cleaning out the ‘Chit’ - the Memory Track.
Walking a spiritual path is not always easy but it is utterly satisfying and immensely
rewarding. The journey of clearing away the old and the bitter, and moving towards the
purest and original part of our core is a beautiful one in which there is a deep fulfillment of
the soul that no material pleasure can satisfy.

Embedded deep within all souls is the memory of each and every thought, feeling,
action and experience, which becomes the reason for creating an overall attitude and
awareness in the soul. Since we mostly operate on past references and old comfort zones, we
therefore create new deeds based on these prior attitudes and aware nesses.
Every time we operate on old patterns of behavior, we are reinforcing them again and
again. Thus, if the experience was a negative one, then the recording will be negative. Then
the next round of actions will most likely be negative, and so the pattern continues. The
adverse is also true of course. Positive thoughts and actions generate more of the same.
In Hinduism the memory track of the soul has been defined as the ‘chit’. It can be
likened to the ‘chip’ in a mobile phone: that contains the information of all our deeds – what
instigated or triggered them, the intensity of them, the resulting effect, etc etc.
The chit is in itself neutral, it is simply a container for our thoughts and experiences. It is
what we put into the chit that is important: because that is what will colour all of our future
thoughts, words and actions.

Therefore if the chit is full of bad feelings due to our negative reaction to another
person’s words or deeds, for example, then the mind will be sent off in that direction and the
resulting thoughts will be of spite and vindictiveness. The only way to change this flow of
negativity is to interrupt the pattern. Thus it is important to be alert to keep our chit as clean
and clear as possible at all times.

We now need to realize the damage that untruth has caused the soul. Every time we
lived a lie, fell for an illusion, or supported an act of deceit, we polluted the pure chit.
In our struggles to deal with the old, uncomfortable and painful memories, our only
solace was to move away from them. Now we need to face those issues, by doing a U-turn and
begin the return journey to the experience our original and pure self.

It is up to us now to decide what it is that we want to record in the soul. We can record
the bad or the good. The choice is ours. But know that if you only focus on and hold onto the
old painful memories, then that will become your springboard of action. And since you can
only playback what you have chosen to record, then pain can only cause further pain.
We need to remember that, if we have made mistakes in the past then that is only
because we are not in full awareness of our original and divine beauty. We had forgotten in
that moment who we really are – originally pure and divine beings, full and abundant,
complete with all powers.

Returning to this truth again and again is the only way to create new memories and
repair old attitudes. And then, as we begin to operate from this renewed awareness we are
able to bring about transformation in our vision and the world.
It’s time... to clean out our ‘chit’ – our memory track – and to ensure that we only record
and retain the positive memories in the soul. The choice is in our hands. Re-recording over
the old using truth and divinity will ensure that we experience a deep inner bliss and
fulfillment in the soul that no material pleasure can satisfy!

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