Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Freedom of speech too Power of speech

Today we look at yogic consciousness or soul consciousness. With the practice of meditation we are moving towards our complete stage, our perfect stage, particularly if we focus our mind and intellect on a higher being, on God, on the Supreme Soul. So we now are on the path of true spirituality, changing our bad habits, changing our consciousness, so now we need too bring these attitudes into reality, into our daily actions. A good place too start is with our words. The way we speak can actually make or break us. And also of course the way we talk too ourselves (self talk). This is more powerful actually. Words are actually like a power given too us by God, by education. Words are like electricity, they can power tvs, computers, blenders, stoves all positive things, electricity can also kill you, so yes words are a power, use them wisely. This is using your gifts of Peace and meditation wisely. Then you can move higher up the ladder of self realization. Because you are harnessing power instead of wasting it :). One good yukti (method) is too , at night too go too sleep with the thought, "I am a pure soul, I am God child, I am immensely powerful and gifted, I have direct connection too Gods powers and inheritance"