Thursday, December 12, 2013

the secret of beauty

As a baby everyone always or usually say, 'aww how cute' etc. And when he baby grows up and reaches puberty, puberty people begin to comment, wow ,hot, 'sexy' beautiful. All body-based comments of course. Now what brings about this physical change?  Of course its hormones and genes. Its natures way of survival. Making you competitive, attract mates, enable children etc.The oxymoron is, with these bodily powers is they begin to run out and aging kicks in. Then we need botox, health cocktails, herbs, makeup, exercise etc. Its called enteropathy, also the soul, loses purity and power as it does actions. So as the soul reincarnates its credit of soul power begins to diminish. Atoms themselves degenerate. Thousands of years ago, the purity of the soul, naturally made the body beautiful. The world, matter was also pure. So how do we make the soul beautiful once again. And collectively matter also begins to age. Nowadays materialism steps in for this image problem by producing literally millions of types of makeups and ointments to lift the skin.Since 1950 plastic surgeons have flourished and of course cosmetic dentists have multiplied. So what people have accepted as the norm in the early 1900's has become the acceptance to the rule nowadays and the mice on the treadmill speed up. Its time too RELAX, take a chill pill and research ways to turn within.