Saturday, December 14, 2013

Suffering of karma

Suffering & The End Of Suffering
The interconnectedness of all things: Buddhist have always known it, and physicists now confirm it. Nothing that happens is an isolated event; it only appears to be. The more we judge and label it, the more we isolate it. The wholeness of life becomes fragmented through our thinking. Yet the totality of life has brought this event about. It is part of the web of interconnectedness that is the cosmos.
This idea has been passed on especially by the good old buddhists. One problem with this idea of those who don't really get it, they could be overwhelmed by this idea, especially if there life has already been tough and has been abused. I look at like the resilience  of a small child they can fall badly and they will cry and scream but will also very quickly forget there suffering and also amazingly there wounds will heal very quickly, and bones will also mend very quickly. Yes we can see the interconnectedness of things now with mass media, but even before all this expansionism ,if you were introvert you could see how for example, aphids attack roses, and lady beetles eat the aphids, this is micro-connectedness. A macro view can be seen in this link on Cyclic Time. Great philosophers have always stated how each and every thought has an effect on the universe. This can be seen in the effect of our emotions on our nervous system and hormonal systems. 'You get embarrassed your face blushes and goes red'. I have brought too life this idea on my website Body Truths .