Saturday, December 14, 2013

sensitive thoughts

On a spiritual path or if you are a very caring, high focused person, our mind chat,what goes on in our heads, can seem very critical and our patience with others, as a result of this can be very thin. (I know I have been like that my whole life), but miraculously because of our effort too judge each and every thought, every second of the day, people actually think we are cool, and caring and have the up most respect for us. But we can be lost so much in our own spinning wheels that we never ever see them even smiling at us when they come in our company. And someone like this on a deep spiritual path can at times feel suicidal from this unique thought process. Here is a link of some moms and there struggle with raising there kids The Link. And a webite I created on some very unique spouses and there struggles . My husband is in Jail.