Sunday, December 22, 2013


Interesting fact about the sannyasis and sages and saints of india, and also souls like the desert fathers of christianity, is they inspired other people, other souls too meditate, too visit the temples, too lead a pure and pious life, too read the scriptures, too think outside the box. Though they did all this largely in silence and incognito pray and meditation. No some loud gospel songs or chanting, mainly just isolation, tapasya and renunciation. In other words they conquered there egos and became internally focused on the soul, or God or some religious figure. How did they get the conviction and motivation too achieve this? Well heres the kicker (the secret). The focus of the mind and intellect (which is in the soul) creates magic in the world. The secret too success in any facet of life is focus on one goal or thought. And the greatest focus on earth, in fact in the universe, is, I am a soul, a living point of light, sitting in the middle of the brain, behind the eyes. My original religion is peace, and I come from a world of silence, a world of peace where God resides.So in this experience I can easily communicate with God, with my original self and with all other souls on this earth and beyond. And also, now heres another kicker, the vibration from this thought from this experience, from this visualization, will in fact effect matter, effect atoms, and raise there vibration as well too a high vibration, a productive vibration. This is THE SECRET. How you use this secret is up too you, some people just focus and get ferraris and gold watches and houses. others help purify the world and bring about heaven