Friday, December 27, 2013

The secret of truth and purity

Truth and purity for that matter can only be accepted by a person, or more exact by a soul who is ready too receive it. The teacher will appear when the student is ready, you know the old saying. Why is that you may say, well basically someone who has a 'hothead' can't accept cool water of knowledge, it just blows off like steam. That is there vibrational level isn't able too cope with the highest vibration of truth. They may at some point in the future begin too vibrate at that level of truth and realization but at present may not. Its like a natural destiny, some plumbers cannot be rocket scientists and never will, though one in a million will. Purity also emcompasses our current actions, so if were having orgies every night and drinking rocket fuel and taking crack were probably not going too vibrate at the level of soul consciousness and god consciousness, but some fish may get through that net. All that immoral activity actually lowers our soul vibration, but some people need too actually reach rock bottom too blossom and take on truth, its a bizarre concept, law of karma.So dont ever give up putting it out there :)