Thursday, February 13, 2014

gods coming

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It is His promise, recorded in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita and there are prophesies recorded in other scriptures, that when there is utter irreligiousness, unrighteousness and vicious-ness, then He would come to reveal again the original and true Godly Knowledge and Yoga.
Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharat,
Abhyuthanam dharmasya Tadatmaanam Srijamyaham
Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

The Christians believe in the second coming of Christ and the Buddhists believe in the coming ofMaitrey Buddha. Some say that he would come as Kalki. Similarly, other religions prophesize the second coming of the Founder of their respective religion or someone empowered by Him. Surely, the Founders of every religion will come. But let us understand it clearly that they would come again at their respective time as given in the wheel of Time. Now, when there is utmost degeneration, it is the time for God Himself to come and adopt someone as His corporeal medium. For, now a new world has to be created and the old one is waiting to be destroyed. Creation of a new world is the responsibility of God and He alone is capable of doing it. The present world also was created by Him and it was He Who created Adam, Brahma or first Manu. Now also, He is revealing spiritual Knowledge and Yoga and, by means of it, He has created again Adam or Brahma and his sons and daughters. It is our sacred duty to inform all about the gracious advent of Him, the Supreme Father, Teacher and Preceptor of all souls. Anyone may agree with us and recognise the truth and have an uplifting experience or may deride and ridicule. It is his or her choice. We know that announcing the coming of God, the Redeemer, is to make the biggest-ever claim, yet the compelling truth and experience urge one to give vent and one becomes helpless to keep totally silent, for it would be dereliction of duty.

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Positive Thoughts

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Visit the Depths
Like the sea, we're influenced by our surroundings. When the weather is calm, the waves roll gently. When stormy winds blow, we get wild and out of control. 
But like the sea, deep beneath the surface there is another world;  a world of stillness, beauty and power. When we spend time visiting our depths, we become resilient to the world around us.


The world today is so spoilt and needs to be reformed. It cannot be
reformed with force, but with a lot of love. Therefore you need virtues
in your life. One who has virtues has value. Do not pay attention to
the weaknesses in your life; only then can you become a peaceful
person. Develop love and value for yourself and others. Some people
don't have value for themselves, so by appreciating them, you help them
to bring value into their lives. Values have to be imbibed within, and
we have to make that effort ourselves and recognize the self. When we
do things with the right method, in the right way, and with the right
discipline, then there's success. By developing values in ourselves, we
will be able to receive the gift of peace. To create an atmosphere of
peace, we have to sit peacefully to pay attention to the self without
diverting the mind.
Self Confidence

Self-confidence is very much linked to the understanding that I definitely have something to contribute to life through my own uniqueness. Each one of us is unique. That goes without saying. Unless a person has a sense of contributing, or offering, something to life, they cannot really be happy. I cannot be happy and confident when I am just taking; it simply doesn't work. I can only be happy when I am sharing and offering the best of myself. In that way, I don't feel depleted. When I offer the best of myself in an unselfish way, my happiness and confidence increases - the more I give, the more I receive. We start to understand that the well-being of individuals begins when they can contribute what they are, and what they have, to others. To be a truly self confident human being means to have true spiritual powers, like love, peace and happiness, which are brought into daily life - not just appearing as words or emotions, but truly displaying themselves in our behaviour and bringing benefit to others.

Blessing: May you have God's love and, instead of being impressed by someone's goodness, imbibe that yourself.

If you want to be loved by God, then check the obstructions of body consciousness. Some children say: This one is very good and this is why I feel mercy for him or her. Some have attachment to the bodies of others, some to their virtues or their specialties. However, who gave them those specialties and virtues? If someone is good, then definitely imbibe that goodness, but do not become impressed with his or her goodness. Be detached and loving to the Father. Children who are so lovely, that is, who are loved by God, are constantly safe.

Slogan: Make the power of silence emerge and the speed of service will become fast.

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