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Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation
The word, ‘yoga’ means: ‘connection’. Raja Yoga means union with the Supreme. The aim of Raja Yoga is perfection; the method is the connection with the Supreme. When we have union with the Supreme, we are given the strength to erase our own defects, and the strength to absorb all virtues and achieve perfection. The soul regains its supremacy. The soul becomes a self sovereign. The stage of perfection could be described as BEING COMPLETELY VICE LESS. COMPLETELY VIRTUOUS, FILLED WITH ALL DIVINE TALENTS AND ATTRIBUTES AND COMPLETELY NON-VIOLENT-the soul who follows the highest code of conduct.

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The yogas within Raja Yoga:

Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Sanyas Yoga, Buddhi Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

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 To learn the proper techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation, please visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre. 

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Meditation for beginners - Essentials of Raja Yoga (Hindi)

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Positive Thoughts
Right Awareness

On the path of Raja Yoga meditation there is a saying, "See, but don't see! Hear, but don't hear!" which means to remain aware of all realities, including the negative, but not to focus on them. We get caught up in the negative because we react and the reactions are expressed in the form of judgments, accusations, criticism, or labeling. As soon as we criticize, we put everything into convenient boxes and, just as convenience foods are not always so healthy, such conveniences at the mental and attitudinal level are a great danger, because we mentally seal (close) the fate (destiny) of the person or situation: they are like this and so must be treated accordingly. Meditation is used to bring such attitudes and behaviours to the surface, conscious awareness. 

When our vision and attitude remain judgmental or critical, they do so because there is no input of positivity from the self to encourage or allow a positive change. There cannot be a positive output when there is a negative input. 

When our awareness is more detached, rather than focusing on what is wrong, we look at how we can put something right by contributing a positive feeling, or attitude. This anonymous contribution is a generous act, which offers a solution, instead of the usual complaints by critical and judgmental people.
The more you stay in silence, the more you will be able to realize what
peace is.
 To be in silence means to be introverted - to look at
yourself inside, to pack up everything. It doesn't matter what is
going on externally; let me stay in peace inside. Whatever obstacles
come in front of me, the power of peace helps me to remove them. The
more you desire to be in peace, the more situations happen to make you
peaceless. Those who are peaceless cause peacelessness in others. By
being silent, introverted and in deep peace, you will not allow any
peacelessness to enter. Let me always speak peacefully. Let me also
discipline myself that I do not listen to things of peacelessness. It
is necessary to train yourself to keep yourself in discipline - it is
an art.

Bringing Your Dreams Alive

Each one of us has dreams that we nourish right through our lives. Some are short-term dreams and some long term ones. Dreams keep changing as we progress through different phases of our life. Some are achieved, some are not. Some of us possess the ability to realize our dreams more than the rest. The most important and influential factor in this process is how much we believe in our dream and believe that it will be realized. Some of the factors that hamper this belief are:

* The influence of the past - the memories of our past failures, which sow seeds of doubt in our mind; as well as successes, which keep us in an illusionary consciousness and distance us from the present moment and our present actions. Also, sometimes we associate present temporary failures or ups and downs which may come in our way, with failures of the past.
* Lack of inner strength or power, when faced with obstacles in your path. Tendency to get dejected very easily and creating weak thoughts like we do not deserve it or we are not capable of it or are we not lucky enough or it is not in our destiny or maybe it is our negative past actions which are influencing our dream realization process adversely, etc.
* The opinions or comments of people surrounding you who sometimes, are not in tune with your consciousness and are not able to empathize with your purpose. Their comments easily de-focus you from your purpose.
Lack of ability to mould or adjust during the dream realization journey. Any journey is always full of twists, turns and sudden changes. A rigid state of mind, which is not able to change its tactics as required, may make the path seem more difficult than it actually is.
* It is very good to dream but excessive attachment to the dream also may make the journey towards the dream stressful and bring down your self-belief at times.

Blessing:  May you be free from attachment and serve with the consciousness of an instrument with feelings of mercy.   
At present, when all souls have become tired and disappointed and are asking for mercy, you children of the Bestower have to feel merciful towards your brothers and sisters. No matter how bad someone may be, let there be feelings of mercy towards that one too and you will never have feelings of dislike, jealousy or anger. The consciousness of an instrument easily emerges from feelings of mercy. Do not have mercy due to attachment, but real mercy makes you free from attachment because there is no body consciousness there.

Slogan:  To give co-operation to others is to accumulate in your own account.   

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