Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A whole new look at emotions and vices

So many souls nowadays journey too psychologists and counsellors too settle there angsts and marital problems. Realistically these helpful services are themselves becoming basket cases, overburdened with emotional baggage and shrapnel from warring sentient beings. Basically these isues arent really getting solved due too overload. So what happens when you argue with your lover? You harbour pent up emotions, these come out as spiteful and angry words, you may attack the perpetrator, you may part ways. But what actually happens, at the time of the incident,  even before, when the feeling rises and makes you sick or chokes your throat. Is that hormones and chemicals flood the brain and body actually shutting down the thinking process (the observor process), so for 4 or 5 days we cant make accurate decisions anyway, and if you are continually in turmoil, maybe never. So there you go, this wont help you directly but gives you some insight x.
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