Thursday, March 6, 2014

The science of thoughts and attitudes

As we grow up we dream of being a fireman or a nurse or a scientist etc, then we pass through primary and secondary schools and we can see how, practically our personality, learning skills will or will not be translated into real life and achieving our goals. Those childhood dreams may be burnt off by the harshness of reality or we may actually be on the money with high assat scores and university entrys or other magic doors opening. As a yogi or meditator the same things happen or at least the same rules apply. We get wonderful insightful experiences, we aim too become like the Buddha or Brahma etc we continue too move forward on this wonderful wave of enthusiasm, then we realize, hey I don't become another soul or person, I become myself, not my damaged self but my highest self. I am not God or the organization I pledge allegiance too I am a soul, an actor, on this world drama stage. I am a conscient point of light operating this costume. this body, so now I have too dismantle the ego or construct of the false I's of spirituality. I am a yogi, I am empathatic, I am enlightened, I am humble, no these are all forms of royal ego of 'I' and 'mine''. Whilst doing all this I must nurture my heart, so the finished product is there before the scaffold is ripped away, not vise versa. So I must not enter the blackhole of I and get lost, keep both wheels moving forward, heart and head. And also live in this old world with its politics, crime, technology, beauty etc whilst being loving and detached