Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get out of Jail free :)

Ever since recorded history man has been flourishing, innovating, developing, and other men have been scheming, stealing, controlling, ripping of that system. So now we come too a point in time where our jails are overflowing with rule breakers and soul destroyers. In fact the continent of Australia was founded on such unruly behaviour, as you may well know, the first settlers of australia were convicts and there keepers. From bad seeds come the bustling australia we know and love today. Its the same when the soul first enters the womb, that is the conscient energy occupys the fetus, and gives moral and physical energy too the body. A look at birth . In some wise circles it is called 'The Jail of the womb'. Why? well if you understand and believe in reincarnation, when the soul reincarnates, it is just sitting trapped in the mothers womb for 4 months or so(remember the fetus develops first) . And basically the soul uses this time apparently too come too terms with its illicit actions from the previous life, hence the Jail of the Womb, in christianity they have the ceremony of baptism too fix this(apparently). So there is a Jail you probably never thought of. Sure the mothers also have too suffer 9 months of Labour, hence the word.