Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Positive Thinking

Many self help gurus speak of this new but old concept. And since stress and increased pressures have really increased on people nowadays much more positive and new age thinking has evolved too quench that demand. So what really is positive thinking, too me it is more than just psuedo feel good statements, it is more like higher consciousness attitudes and eventually actions. For me the greatest catch phrase is 'Om Shanti'. I am a Peaceful soul. How does this help you may ask? Well in this thought and even words of Om Shanti is contained all the latent treasures and powers of the human soul. This mantra if contemplated deeply and regularly enables us too move away from the vibration of materialism and ego based attitudes and consciousness too the original vibration of I the Soul, before I was ever even incarnated on this planet, when I was god like sitting in my home of Peace and silence. All other attitudes and thoughts have been dumped on this pure eternal attitude, leaving us where some of us are today, in stress, sorrow, confusion and probably with identity issues and wealth issues. Basically this thought and meditation will lead me back too my purest form as a star of white light, a seed, bearing all my original powers, my virtues and my special hero part. I actually sit (I the soul the light) behind the eyes in the centre of the brain at the conjuncture of the hypothalmus gland and pineal glands at the seat of consciousness, operating this body . this person I currently identify as me. Its a process of course, involving the spiritual heart and head, and relearning thoughts and attitudes and implementing them into actions, into my life. Who am I?