Sunday, May 25, 2014

A blog about a picture

HERES THE PIC (More of a statement or intuitive comment)


As you probably know or understand the divine source is actually you the soul who sits geographically at the seat of the third eye inbetween the hypothalmus gland and the pineal gland, looking something like a star of light. Thats you, a non physical but living being of conscient energy, that stores all memorys, and operates your body, and 5 sense organs. The kick is, and this pertains too the picture, all your attitudes, which can be memories, both conscious and unconscious, from now and from previous lives, and also future lives, radiate through the brain, and precisely through the pineal gland, and talk too the bodys central nervous system, through direct nuerons or through chemicals produced by glands such as the pituitary gland, and so if you feel in love, the heart directly pumps faster, eyes open up etc, so the organic body and the supernatural soul are actually working as one organism, mind blowing machinery hah, yet too be really replicated in engineering terms. More on the Brain