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Relationship with God? or your girlfriend?

Why Are People On the Spiritual Path Often Not In Relationships?

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Why Are People On the Spiritual Path Often Not In Relationships? | Big Picture Questions


In the previous two posts, we learned about the difference between human love and divine love, and about the purpose of relationships. That information led to a couple of questions raised by my readers that I will address in this Miniblog.

“What about those who are not in relationships, which seems to be common amongst ‘spiritual’ people?”

My favorite guides on matters like this are the 9D and 12D Pleiadians (“the P’s”), who explained these points through Wendy Kennedy [1]:

1. When you create with another consciousness, that other consciousness could be anything from a rock, tree, the weather, animal OR another human being, like a partner or a grocery clerk or whoever you encounter in your daily life. ALL of them are a reflection for you [1].

▪ For example, you could play out the issue of “abandonment” with your mother or lover or boss. They may look different on the surface, but they’re showing you different versions of the same theme with a somewhat different intensity and perspective [1].
▪ Usually we don’t play out an issue in just one area of life, the universe gives us many examples, so we’ll get it. Wink

2. A lot of people on the spiritual path have chosen NOT to have long-term, intimate relationships for one or more reasons:

▪ Some people want to work on their own self-identity, to learn how to hold their own resonance, and to identify their own energies. They may need to focus on themselves for a while.
▪ Some people may feel that other people are demanding, too needy or a big distraction for them.
▪ Some feel like they can get lost in romantic relationships.
▪ Some may not feel deserving of a loving relationship.
▪ Some are afraid that it’s not safe to be in a relationship, that someone is going to hurt or wound them.
▪ Some may have programs from other lifetimes as celibates, monks, etc. that they are working to clear in this lifetime to balance spirituality with sexuality.

3. Once a person is ready, once they’ve learned to nurture and love themselves, and to connect to Source within, they will pull in other people and re-engage with them [1].

▪ BUT it will be a different, more elevated relationship, since they’re no longer expecting someone else to complete them or to make them happy. They know how to do that for themselves [1].
▪ Intimate relationships do serve us, because they allow us to get the quickest reflection of our own frequency and to go to deeper levels, that we might not become conscious of until someone else triggers us to show another issue or another layer to work on [1].
▪ Once we integrate an issue, we’re no longer triggered or charged by it, because we see the purpose and cocreative nature of both sides. We are learning to see ourselves as the cocreators of our own reality [1].

“Do you ever notice that once you are in a relationship, all of the sudden people come out of the woodwork?”

As described previously, most of us are looking for love through our horizontal connections with a romantic partner, rather than through our direct vertical connection to Source [1].

▪ When we’re “in love” with a person, we think it’s the other person who is giving us the feelings of love, bliss and joy. In reality, it’s because WE are opening ourselves to feel more Source energy [1].
▪ Depending on our ability to open up, our vertical channel can be anywhere from 1 inch (contracted) to 6 feet wide (expanded), which makes a huge difference in how we project ourselves to others [1, 2].
▪ We look and feel different to others because our frequencies are higher. The P’s say that the higher selves of other people will notice you as a “bright being” over there and they’ll want to approach you [1, 2]. Even the neighborhood dogs and cats may stare at you with interest, be attracted to you and want to get to know you better on your walks.
▪ Here is a funny video take on this phenomenon, called “Boyfriend Spray” that you can view here:▶ Boyfriend Spray – YouTube at (see attachment below)

Final Thoughts

To me one of the most liberating things the P’s have said is this piece:

“Remember: The soul doesn’t care whether you succeed or not – it’s all about experience. The ego says: I must succeed in order to be loved. The soul is eternal and can always choose another vibrational experience. The soul says: That was interesting. I saw how that worked out. I’ll try something new now!”― Wendy Kennedy/9D P’s

With that in mind, there is no such thing as failure!

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For more information, please see:

[1] Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies (website) & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 (book: & The Love of Your Life is You (audio lecture:

[2] Nora Herold: Nora Herold – Home (channels 12D Pleiadian Collective and many other beings)

Note: The 9th and12th Dimensional Pleiadian Collectives present a higher, neutral perspective that is delightfully down to earth, easy to understand and to apply in our daily lives.

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