Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Creating your own destiny

Did you realize from this point forward we create our future. Well if you did realize that then you would be doing it, from this point onwards lol. You may well ask 'well how do you do that'?. Well just as if you put all your money into a high paying bank account, today , then very quickly you earn interest on that. Its as simple as that , its no 'SECRET'. The highest spiritual investment with the highest returns is too consider yourself a soul a living point of light and too consider God also as a living point of light, and too remember him, too visualize that being in your minds eye, and too take power from him. So basically whatever you invest your thoughts, time and energy into you have too get the return of it. But if you are a soul who is deluded and caught up in negative thinking, depression and bad company, maybe crime and nasty behaviour, then that too you will get a return on, that is your investment. So get your head out of sorrow and negativity, from this point onwards, and start investing in truth, positive thinking and soulful ventures, then your future ,your destiny will be rosy and worship worthy, don't forget the secret is that when your body dies, you the soul will carry with you the sum total of pure energy you have accrued in this lifetime too the next chapter, too your new role, your next birth, it doesn,t just end here as some doomsayers predict. It is recorded within your soul as a karmic Record.