Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The effect of the eyes on the soul

It is said, in some religious and spiritual domains, 'The eyes are the windows too the soul'. This is not just a cute term or a poetic creation, its truths hold alot of merit. Through my own deep meditation and through philosophers words and feelings, I have come too recognize the soul is indeed seated at the seat of consciousness in between the hypothalmus gland and the pineal gland. More or less half way in the brain, the optical nerve of the body is the most powerful of the senses, holding trillions of cells which directly feedback too the soul. Because it has such photographic and telepathic abilities it is indeed the most powerful. It will receive data as well project or give signals, sometimes known as attitudes or in hindi 'vritti'. You heard people talk about someone having daggers in there eyes because there so angry, or someone having bedroom eyes, or the eyes of a babe. Because whatever the person or soul is feeling or thinking is indeed first communicated by the eyes, then the rest of the body. If someone is speaking from there heart the eyes will continually move too the right side of the brain, if they are speaking learnt text or mathematics or even lying they will move too the left. So actually for very deep meditation the best form is opened eyed meditation, because if you can concentrate in this way then your feeling or experience can be reproduced in all stages and times of concious living. Hypnotherapists also know this secret. In raja yoga meditation I visualize myself, firstly as a living, conscient point of light, a soul, nothing difficult, this is my original form, holding with it my original virtues, peace, happiness, and humility etc. And as I progress in experience I visualize my home of peace and silence, of golden red light and I can travel there, and sit next too God, also a living point of light, but a being who is ancient and wise and never takes birth through a body. This may take some time too perfect though


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