Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Third Eye

Some scholars and meditators may believe this terminology of the 3rd eye is supernatural mumbo jumbo or cosmic crap, but basically it means opening or re-awakening the faith in the intellect too some higher power. The intellect is sometimes mistaken for the brain or the capacity of the brain too fathom complex problems and too nut out solutions. But basically it deals with the 'I' of the brain and body and the ability too conceive the self, and thus God and thus the universe. The Intellectual capacity of the intellect came into dominance later on in history and especially now, in this scientific age of history. So basically when you meet for example, a born again christian, there faith in the intellect has been reawakened, usually due too some catalyst , like a major trauma in there life. and there faith in christ has thus taken a high jump. So likewise, someone who meditates, can have cathartic moments where the 'I ' is experienced and self realization thus takes place. That is I the soul am not this body and 'I' have played many varied and beautiful parts in my many lives, not just this one singular life.