Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Todays fast food murli, a great murli for restaurant owners :)

08/10/14    Morning Murli   Om Shanti   BapDada   Madhuban    

Sweet children, perform every deed whilst staying in remembrance and many will continue to receive a vision of you.    

Through which method can you make your heart pure at the confluence age?

Prepare food whilst in remembrance and eat it in remembrance and your heart will become pure. The pure Brahma bhojan prepared by you Brahmins at the confluence age is very much liked by the deities. Those who value Brahma bhojan rinse their plates and drink that water. There is also a lot of praise of it. By eating food prepared in remembrance, you receive a lot of power and your heart becomes pure. 
Om Shanti 
The Father only comes at the confluence age. He has to tell the children every day that the spiritual Father explains to the spiritual children. Why does He say: Children, consider yourselves to be souls? So that you children remember that He truly is the unlimited Father and that He is teaching you souls. He explains various points for service. Children say: There is no service to do; how can we do service outside? The Father shows you very easy methods of doing service. Have the pictures in your hands. Have the ugly picture of Raghunath and the beautiful picture too. Also have the ugly and the beautiful pictures of Krishna and Narayan, even if they are small. People make very small pictures of Krishna too. You can ask the priests looking after the temples: Why has this one been shown in an ugly image when in fact he was really beautiful? In fact, the body cannot be ugly. You also have many beautiful ones, but why has this one been made ugly? It has been explained to you children how that soul adopts different names and forms as he continues to come down. The soul becomes ugly from the time he climbs on to the pyre of lust. There are many pilgrims at Jagadnath and Shrinath, and you also receive invitations. Tell them: We will tell you the biography of the 84 births of Shrinath. Brothers and sisters, come and listen to it. No one else can give such lectures. You can explain to them why he (Krishna) has become ugly. From pure, each one definitely has to become impure. It was when the deities went on to the path of sin that their ugly images were created. By sitting on the pyre of lust, they became iron aged. Iron is black and gold is golden', they would be called beautiful. They then become ugly after taking 84 births. You should also definitely have a picture of the ladder in your hand. If the picture of the ladder is big, anyone can see it very clearly from a distance, and you can explain that that has become the condition of Bharat. It is also written: “Rise and fall”. You children should have a lot of interest in doing service. You have to explain how the cycle of the world turns through the golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. Then you also have to show this auspicious confluence age. You don't have to take many pictures. The picture of the ladder is the main one for Bharat. You can explain how, from impure, you can now become pure once again. Only the one Father is the Purifier. By remembering Him, you can receive liberation-in-life in a second. You children have all of this knowledge. All the rest are sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. When Bharat had knowledge, it was very wealthy. Bharat is now in ignorance and has become so poverty stricken. There are also knowledge-full and ignorant human beings. Deities and human beings are very well known. Deities exist in the golden and silver ages and human beings exist in the copper and iron ages. It should always remain in the children’s intellects how service should be done. The Father continues to explain that too. The picture of the ladder is very good to explain to someone. The Father says: You may live at home with your family. You have to earn a livelihood for your body. You also have to study a worldly education. However, whatever time you have after that, you have to think about service and how to benefit others. Here, you cannot benefit many. You come here just to listen to the Father's murli. It is only in this that there is magic. The Father is called the Magician, is He not? You sing: There is magic in your murli. The murli that You speak through Your mouth has magic. We become deities from human beings. There is no Magician like this, other than the Father. It is also remembered that it didn't take God long to change human beings into deities. The old world definitely has to become new again. The old world definitely has to be destroyed. At this time you are studying Raja Yoga and so you are surely going to become kings. You children now understand that after your 84th birth, you will have to take your first birth because the history and geography of the world repeat. The golden and silver ages that existed definitely have to repeat. Whilst you are sitting here, you have to keep in your intellects that you are going back home and that you will then become satopradhan deities; they are called deities. At present, human beings don't have those divine virtues. So, you can do service anywhere. No matter how much business you have to do, you can still continue to earn this income while living at home. The main thing for this is purity. When there is purity, there is also peace and prosperity. If you become completely pure, you cannot stay here because you would definitely need to go to the land of peace. When the soul has become pure, he can no longer remain in this old body, because this is impure. Even the five elements are impure, and the body is made of those. It is called a clay puppet. One body of the five elements finishes and another one is created, but the soul exists for ever. A soul is not something that is made. A body is very small at first and then it becomes large. A soul receives so many organs with which he performs his entire part. This world is wonderful. The Father who gives the introduction of souls is the most wonderful. We souls are so tiny. The soul enters a body. Each and everything is wonderful. It is a wonder how the bodies of animals are created. There is a similar tiny soul in everything. An elephant is so big and a tiny soul goes and sits in it. The Father, however, explains about human births. How many births do human beings take? There aren't 8.4 million births. It has been explained that there are as many varieties as there are religions. It is a wonder how each soul takes a body with so many features. Then, as the cycle repeats, the features, name and form change in every birth. It would not be said: The ugly Krishna and the beautiful Krishna. No, that soul is at first beautiful and then as he takes 84 births, he becomes ugly. You souls also play your parts with different features and different bodies. This too is the drama. You children should never have any worries. All are actors. You have to shed your bodies, take others and play your parts. In every birth, the relations etc. change. The Father explains: This drama is predestined. It is the soul that has become tamopradhan by taking 84 births. Therefore, the soul now has to become satopradhan. You definitely have to become pure. The world was pure, it has now become impure and it has to become pure again. There are the words "satopradhan”, “tamopradhan". There is the satopradhan world, and then the sato, rajo and tamo worlds. How can those who have now become tamopradhan become satopradhan? How can you become pure from impure? One cannot become pure with rain water. Through rain, people can even die: when there are floods, so many people drown. The Father now continues to explain: None of those lands will remain. Natural calamities will also help. So many human beings and animals get carried away in the flow. It isn't that they become pure with that water, but the bodies just flow away. It isn't bodies that have to become pure from impure. It is souls that have to become pure. For that, only the one Father is the Purifier. Although those people call themselves Jagadgurus (World Gurus), the duty of a guru is to grant salvation and only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation. The Father, the Satguru, alone grants salvation. The Father continues to explain a great deal; this one also listens. Gurus make their disciples sit next to them to teach them. This one is also sitting next to that One. The Father is explaining and so this one must be explaining too. This is why Guru Brahma becomes number one. For Shankar, they say that when he opened his third eye he burnt everyone. In that case, he cannot be called a guru. Nevertheless, the Father says: Children, constantly remember Me alone. Some children say: We have so many worries about our business etc., so how can we consider ourselves to be souls and remember the Father? The Father explains: On the path of devotion too, you remembered God and said, "Oh Ishwar, oh Bhagwan!" You remember Him when there is some sorrow. When a person is about to die, people say, "Chant the name of Rama". There are many organizations who give a donation on the name of Rama. Just as you give a donation of knowledge, so they say: Say, "Rama, Rama". You also say: Remember Shiv Baba. Those people don't even know Shiva. They simply say, "Rama, Rama". Why do they say, "Chant the name of Rama" when they say that God is in everyone? The Father sits here and explains: Neither Rama nor Krishna can be called God. Even Krishna is called a deity. It is also explained about Rama: He is a semi deity; there are two degrees less. The degrees of everything decrease. Clothes too are at first new and then they become old. So, the Father explains all of these things and then says: My sweetest, spiritual children, consider yourselves to be souls. Experience happiness whilst remembering Him. Here, this is the land of sorrow. Remember the Father and the inheritance. By having remembrance you will attain an abundance of happiness. All your sorrow and suffering and illnesses etc. will end. You will become free from disease for 21 births. All the sorrow and suffering of the body ends and you receive the status of liberation-in-life. They sing this, but they do not enter that act. The Father explains to you in a practical way: Remember the Father and your desires will all end and you will become happy. It is not good to receive punishment and then receive a small piece of chapatti. Everyone loves hot chappatti. Nowadays, oil is used for everything. There, rivers of ghee will flow. So, you children have to remember the Father internally. Baba doesn't say: Sit here and remember the Father. No, whilst walking, touring and moving around, remember Shiv Baba. You also have to do your job etc. Let there be remembrance of the Father in your intellects. Children of a physical father remember him whilst doing their jobs etc. If anyone asks them, they would instantly say whose children they are. They also keep their father's properly in their intellects. You have become the Father's children and so you also remember His property. You also have to remember the Father and have no relationships with anyone else. The whole part is fixed in the soul and continues to emerge. Whatever part you have played every cycle in this Brahmin clan continues to emerge. The Father explains: You may prepare food, sweets etc., but continue to remember Shiv Baba. If you prepare it whilst remembering Shiv Baba, then those who eat that sweet will also benefit. Sometimes, they might even have visions. They can even have visions of Brahma. If they eat pure food, they can have visions of Brahma, Krishna or Shiva. Brahma is here. There is the name of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Many will continue to have visions because they remember the Father. The Father shows you many methods. Those people say, "Rama, Rama" through their lips. You don't have to say anything through your lips. Just as those people understand that they are offering bhog to Guru Nanak, so you understand that you are preparing bhog to offer to Shiv Baba. If you prepare it whilst remembering Shiv Baba, many can be benefitted. There is power in that food. This is why Baba asks those who prepare food: Do you prepare it whilst remembering Shiv Baba? It is written: Are you remembering Shiv Baba? If you prepare it while you are in remembrance, then, even those who eat it will receive power and their hearts will become pure. Brahma bhojan is also remembered. Even deities love the food prepared by Brahmins. This is also mentioned in the scriptures. By eating food prepared by Brahmins, your intellect becomes pure and you receive power. There is a lot of praise of Brahma bhojan. Those who value Brahma bhojan very much even rinse their plates and drink that water. They consider that to be very elevated. No one can stay without eating. In a famine, people die without food. It is the soul that eats the food through these organs. The soul tastes everything. It is the soul that says whether something is good or bad: This is very tasty; this is very nourishing. As you move forward and make progress, you will also continue to receive such bhojan. Therefore, you children are told to prepare food while in remembrance of Shiv Baba. You should put into practice what the Father explains to you. You are in the Father's home now and you will then go to your in- laws’ home. They meet one another (Brahmins and deities) in the subtle region when bhog is carried there. Bhog is offered to the deities. Deities go there, and you Brahmins go there and a meeting takes place there. Achcha. 

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 
Essence for Dharna:
1. Do not worry about anything because this drama is created absolutely accurately. All actors are playing their own parts.
2. In order to attain the status of liberation-in-life and become constantly happy, remember internally the one Father alone. Do not say anything. Whilst preparing and eating food, definitely stay in remembrance of the Father.
May you be happy in your heart and constantly experience being full on the basis of your imperishable attainment.    
At the confluence age, you have direct attainment from God. In front of the present, the future is nothing and you therefore sing the song: I have attained that which I wanted... The praise of the present time is: Nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of Brahmins. These are imperishable attainments. Remain full of these attainments and the speciality of being full and complete will be constantly visible on your face and in your behaviour. No matter what happens, those who have all attainments cannot let go of their happiness. 

  Be experienced in God’s love and no obstruction can obstruct you.      
Om Shanti !