Sunday, October 5, 2014

very practical methods for grounding

I have been getting the questions, "How do you protect yourself against negative energy/entities?" a lot and I wanted to answer that question with one technique that I myself have learned to use which is called "Grounding" and "Shielding". Now, "Grounding" means is to literally ground yourself into the earth with etheric (energetic cords that go from your feet into the ground). What "Shielding" means is to basically surround your energy and overall being with a protective layer, which helps you keep the negative energy/entities out from your personal space (think of it like creating your own safe, loving, energetic boundary).

Now, to "Ground" yourself, you simply go outside and get your feet on the grass, dirt, sand, etc and envision light cords coming from the bottoms off your feet and see them grow deep, deep, deep into the ground like roots of a tree. Sometimes, what helps is to imagine yourself as a tree. You can also ground by taking a shower/bath and using the same visual techniques as well as taking hold of s tree, plant, etc and feel yourself connecting to the earth like roots of a tree. Also, going out in nature generally like hiking, gardening/working in the yard, going to the beach, or just spending time outside in nature can REALLY help you ground yourself.

Now, to "Shield" yourself, what you need to do is to simply envision a very bright, almost blinding golden light wrapping around your aura, chakras, and entire self. Envision the light wrapping around you like a robe (or bubble) of light, guarding you, protecting you, keeping you safe, and think of it as a boundary for your personal space and well being.

These techniques should be done AT LEAST once a day. I would suggest doing this when you first wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed. I would also suggest to do this before doing ANY type of meditation as well. There is no limit to how many times you should or shouldn't "Ground" and or "Shield". If you feel like you must do it more than once, twice, three times, do it. Smile

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angie m

Very good info.
Divina Paz Holgado

ThANks, very helpful

this is very helpfull i need to remind myself daily thanks dear soul

Your welcome
Ross Sklar

Lee Ann

Awesome straightforward, simple article for me to understand how to do this.

That's what I works too

Daniel Joseph Healy

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