Sunday, April 12, 2015

12/04/15   Om Shanti   Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   21/11/98

“Together with increasing service, also increase your experience of being bodiless whilst being in a body.”

Today, BapDada is pleased to see His children everywhere, because He knows that, even though each and every child of His may be a last effort-maker, each one is still the most fortunate in the world: by knowing and recognising the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, you have become the direct children of the Bestower of Fortune. No other soul in the whole cycle has this fortune, nor is it possible for anyone to receive such fortune. As well as this, none other can be as prosperous or as wealthy as you. No matter how much of a millionaire someone might be, no one else can be compared to you in terms of the treasures that you children receive, because you children earn an income of multimillions at every step. If you were to stay in remembrance of the Father for one step, two steps or take a few steps in remembrance of Baba, how many multimillions would you accumulate in a whole day? Is there anyone else who could earn multimillions in a day? This is why BapDada says that if you want to see the most fortunate ones of all or if you want to see souls who are the ‘richest in the world’, then look at the Father’s children.

You children do not just have the one treasure of physical wealth. Whereas those people are wealthy with just physical wealth, you children are overflowing with so many treasures. Do you know the list of your treasures? Physical wealth is not a big thing, but you also have the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of powers, the treasure of all virtues, the treasure of happiness and the treasure of blessings that you receive by showing everyone the path to peace and happiness. No one, apart from you Godly children, receives these imperishable treasures. So, BapDada has so much spiritual pride in the children who are the masters of such treasures. Seeing the children constantly full and overflowing, BapDada sings the song: "Wah, children! Wah!" Do you have such spiritual pride, that is, intoxication in yourselves? You can clap with your hand. (Everyone clapped.) Why are you giving both your hands this trouble? Clap with one hand! You know how to clap with one hand, do you not? Everything that Brahmins do is unique. Brahmins are very peace loving. Therefore, it is good to clap peacefully. All of you have this intoxication and will also have it in the future. This is guaranteed.

Seeing the fast speed of the transformation of time, BapDada also continues to see the speed of the efforts that the children are making. BapDada constantly wants to see each and every child in his stage of liberation-in-life. All of you issue this challenge to everyone: "Come and claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life from the Father." However, you have already received the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life, have you not? Or, have you not received it? (We have received it.) You will not be able to experience liberation or liberation in life in the golden age or the land of liberation. You have to experience the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life now at the confluence age. Whilst living this life during delicate times and whilst the situations, problems and atmosphere are doubly troublesome, you have to remain free from the influence of all of these. Whilst living this life, you have to become free from all of these bondages. There shouldn't be even a single, subtle bondage. Have you become liberated in life to this extent or will you become this at the end? Will you become this now or at the end? Those who feel that, instead of becoming this at the end, you have to become this now, or those who feel that they have become this, or those who feel that they will become this, raise your hands! (All raised their hands.) You are raising your hands for both situations. You are very clever. You may be clever now, but BapDada is now telling you very clearly: Attention please! The Father definitely has to make each Brahmin child free from bondage and liberated in life. He may use any method, but He definitely has to make you this. You are clever to the extent that you know what the methods are, are you not? You are the ones who have to become this. Whether you want to or not, you will have to become this. What will you do now? (We will become this now.) May you have a gulabjamun in your mouth (May this become practical). Have all of you received a gulabjamun in your mouth? However, this gulabjamun is for becoming free from bondage at this time. Do not eat the gulabjamun just like that. The beauty of this hall is very good. It really looks like a garland from here. If you look from here, it really looks like a garland. The garland of those who have chairs is also ready. It is good. You have taken chairs at this moment due to one or another reason. You have received chairs at this time, and similarly, when BapDada blows the whistle for the final moment for you to sit on the chair of liberation in life, will you sit on that chair or is it simply fine that you are just sitting on those chairs now? You may sit on chairs. It isn't that those who are sitting on the floor at this time will not take the chair then. No, it will be you first. To sit on the floor is a sign of tapasya; it is a sign of good health. You have this health and also the wealth of treasures through your tapasya. So, where there is health and wealth, there will definitely be happiness. It is good that you are healthy and wealthy.

Today, BapDada was seeing three types of stages amongst the children. One group is of those who are effort-makers. Some are effort-makers whereas others are intense effort-makers. The second are those who are experiencing the liberation-in-life stage as a result of their efforts. However, the last perfect stage is to experience the bodiless stage even whilst in a body. So, Baba saw these three stages. He saw a greater number of those at the stage of making effort. The reward of liberation in life is not that you become an instrument at a centre, that you become a good speaker or that you become an instrument for special service according to the drama. That is not the reward for your effort. That is just a lift to help you move further ahead and for you to claim blessings from everyone. However, the true reward is that of liberation in life. There shouldn't be any bondage. You show the image of ordinary non-knowledgeable souls as those who are tied with so many ropes. Those are actually chains of iron for the non-knowledgeable souls. They are huge bondages. However, for the children who are knowledgeable souls, there are threads that are very subtle and attractive. You no longer have the visible chains of iron, but you have very subtle and royal bondages. When you look at your own personality, these threads are not visible. You feel your own goodness; you don't actually have that goodness but you feel that you are very good and that you are moving forward very fast. So, BapDada was seeing that the majority have these threads of bondage in life. Whether you have one bondage or even half a bondage, there are very few who are completely liberated in life. So, BapDada was seeing that, according to this account, the second stage is that of being liberated in life. The last stage is that of being bodiless and detached from your body. You have to pay lots and lots and lots of attention to create this stage and the stage that Baba described. All children are asking what will happen when the year 1999 comes. What shall we do? What shall we not do?

BapDada says: Put aside this question of 1999. From now, you have to experience the bodiless stage a great deal. For whatever situations that come now or those that are still to come, you need to practise the bodiless stage a great deal. Therefore, put aside everything else and also put aside the questions of: "Will this happen?" or "Will this not happen?" None of the situations or upheavals can influence the children who practise the bodiless stage. Even though all the five elements of nature may do their best to shake you, those of you who practise the bodiless stage will remain completely unshakeable and immovable and will be able to pass with honours. All situations will pass by and you will become the proof of one who has passed with honours, the same as Father Brahma. BapDada has been signalling you from time to time and will continue to do so. You think about many things and you also make plans. You may do so. You may think about these things, but don't think about what is to happen with surprise or amazement. Think about these things whilst remaining bodiless and a detached observer. Think, make a plan and then become one with a completely plain stage in a second. This stage is now needed. The bodiless stage will help you to overcome all situations easily. Just as clouds come and go, so those who are bodiless will remain unshakeable and immovable and will continue to watch the games. Instead of thinking about the last moments, think about your last stage.

BapDada continues to hear news about whatever is happening everywhere. BapDada is also giving congratulations from His heart to the tireless servers. You are serving very well with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Continue to do this; however, the balance between service and your stage sometimes tilts to one side and sometimes to the other. Therefore, you may do a lot of service and BapDada does not say “No” for doing service. You may do it with a lot of force (drive) and enthusiasm. However, constantly continue to keep a balance between service and your stage. It takes a little effort to create your stage, whereas service is done easily. This is why the power of service becomes a little greater than the power of your stage. Keep this balance and thereby continue to receive blessings from BapDada, from all souls who come into connection and relationship with you and also from the souls of the Brahmin family. Accumulate a great deal in your account of treasures. The account of blessings of this time should become so full for you souls, that, from the copper age onwards, everyone will continue to receive blessings from your images. You have to give blessings in many births, but you have to accumulate these blessings in just this one birth. So, what will you do? Constantly keep your stage ahead of you and continue to move forward in service. Do not think about what will happen. For Brahmin souls, everything is good and everything that is to happen will be good. However, it is constantly good only for those who keep a balance. If you lack this balance, then, sometimes everything is good and sometimes everything is not so good. Did you hear what you have to do now? Do not think about these things with a question mark or an exclamation mark. Don't think "Will this happen?" or "Perhaps, this will happen!” This makes your stage fluctuate. Do you understand?

Many new ones have come. Those who have come to Madhuban for the first time this cycle, raise your hands. Very good. Seeing all the new children, BapDada is very pleased. BapDada is welcoming all of you children with great happiness, saying: "Welcome children, welcome!" It is good that you have come here before the final completion. At least you have come here at a time when you can meet Baba. Therefore, all of you who have come last still have a chance to move forward. So, all of you should now take this golden chance.

A group of kumaris from Gujarat has come for their surrender ceremony. It is a complete group. (Surrender ceremony of 38 kumaris took place at the Ahmedabad mela on the 13th November.) It is very good that you have surrendered. You did service, celebrated and also made your fortune through service. Now, do you have to celebrate any other surrender ceremony, or have you celebrated everything and so everything is finished? BapDada would say that this whole group should celebrate the surrender ceremony of being completely free from bondage. Do you have this courage? If you have, then you may applaud with one hand (raise your hand). Don't raise your hand on seeing one another. Ahmedabad has the blessing and has also received the fruit and power of service. Therefore, celebrate such a surrender ceremony and then, BapDada will congratulate you. Is this OK? "I first." Do not look at others for this. You shouldn't think that you will do this after the older ones have done it. No, it should be "I first" in this. Is this OK? Achcha. Have a heart-to-heart conversation about this amongst yourselves and remind one another of this promise and continue to move forward. Very good.

(Those from Punjab were responsible for serving the first group.) It is a good large group. You have received a very good chance. BapDada especially congratulates those from Punjab for one thing in particular. Do you know what this is? Those from Punjab have progressed very well in making a very hard land very fertile. You have progressed very well. Therefore, congratulations. Punjab has been remembered as a lion. Your Dadi (Dadi Chandermani) was also called the Lioness of Punjab. So, all of you are lions, are you not? What would a lion hunt? Goats? A number one lion is one who hunts another lion. So, the land of Punjab has become very good but now create a special heir. This is the prey of a lion. You should especially serve the Mandleshwars and bring them here next season. Next season, we will see how many heirs come from Punjab. Achcha. The fragrance of service is very good. All of you remain content and also make others content. Achcha. Congratulations.

(Many double foreigners have also come.) The group of foreigners, stand up! BapDada loves one speciality of the foreigners. What is that? All of you have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to create a place for the Father in every corner and you have done that practically. How many new centres have you established this year? (12 to 15) You have good enthusiasm for giving the message everywhere. This aim is very good. You have a very good aim of creating an instrument wherever you go. This is your speciality. Each one of you offers yourself as much as you can to become an instrument for service, and you also do this practically. You all feel that there should be Baba's home in every house. This zeal and enthusiasm is very good. Therefore, BapDada is congratulating you in advance for you to move forward with zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada says to the foreigners, that is, to the children who are instruments for world benefit: You children from abroad now have to become number one in service and in creating the bodiless stage. Do you want to become this? When? In 1999 or in the year 2000? Don't say: "When?" Say, "Now". You have to give the practical proof of the sustenance you have received from avyakt Baba. Father Brahma became avyakt and karmateet through the stage of being bodiless. You are especially worthy of the sustenance from avyakt Brahma, and you therefore have to give the Father the response of the avyakt sustenance in the form of becoming bodiless - in the form of the balance between service and your stage. Is this OK? Do you agree? You have to do this. BapDada isn't thinking that you should say: "We will see about it." Or, "We will think about it." No, you have to do this. Say in your own language: "I have to do this." All of those who are watching on the TV, are all of you also saying this? BapDada is seeing that, whether you are watching on the TV in Bharat or abroad, everyone has the enthusiasm of definitely doing this. "I definitely have to do this." Congratulations in advance. Achcha.

To the most fortunate ones everywhere, to those who are the masters of the most elevated treasures, to the enlightened souls who constantly keep a balance between service and their stages to the souls who are full of all powers, to the souls who are constantly free from bondage and liberated in life, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.


May you be constantly victorious and experience entertainment instead of wilting when tests and problems come.   

In this effort-making life, tests and adverse situations will definitely come according to the drama. As soon as you take birth, have the aim of moving forward, that is, invoke tests and problems. Since you have to cross a road, how is it possible that there would be no side-scenes on the road? However, instead of passing by those scenes, if you begin to give corrections, then the connection with remembrance of the Father becomes loose and, instead of being entertained, you make your mind wilt. Therefore, sing the song of “Wah scenes! Wah!” and continue to move forward, that is, take the blessing of being constantly victorious.


To move along according to the codes of conduct means to become a most elevated being following the highest code of conduct.   


Om Shanti