Tuesday, April 14, 2015

todays food for thought

15/04/15  Morning Murli  Om Shanti  BapDada  Madhuban

Sweet children, the Father's shrimat makes you constantly happy. Therefore, renounce the directions of bodily beings and only follow the elevated directions of the one Father.   
Which children's intellects have not yet stopped wandering?
The intellects of those who don't have faith in the directions of the highest-on-high Father, that is, in the Father's directions, have not yet stopped wandering. Because of not having full faith in the Father, they keep a foot on each side. As well as following the Father's directions, they also continue to perform devotion and bathe in the Ganges etc. What will become the state of such children? It is because they do not follow shrimat completely that they continue to stumble.
Take us away from this land of sin to a world of rest and comfort. 
Om Shanti 
You children heard this song of the devotees. You no longer sing this. You know that you have found the highest-on-high Father. He alone is the Highest on High. All human beings are at present in their most degraded stage. The highest-on-high human beings were those deities in Bharat. Their praise is of being full of all virtues etc. People don't know who made those deities so elevated. They have now become totally impure. The Father is the Highest on High. Sages and holy men etc. all pray to Him. Human beings have been wandering after such sages for half a cycle. You know that the Father has now come. We are now to go back to the Father. By giving us His shrimat, He makes us most elevated and constantly happy. It was by following the directions of Ravan that you became those with the most degraded intellects. You must now no longer follow anyone else's directions. You have called out to Me, the Purifier Father. So, why do you chase after those who drown you? Why do you renounce the directions of the One and continue to stumble along after many others? Many children listen to this knowledge and then also go and bathe in the Ganges or go to gurus etc. The Father says: That Ganges is not the Purifier. In spite of that, if you follow human dictates and go and bathe there, then the Father would say: You do not have faith in the directions of the highest-on-high Father! On the one side, there are God's directions, and on the other side, there are devilish directions. What would become of such people? If you keep a foot in each boat you would be torn apart. They do not have full faith in the Father. They say: Baba, I belong to You and will become elevated by following Your shrimat. Every step we take has to be according to the directions of the highest-on-high Father. Only the Father will make you into the masters of the land of silence and the land of happiness. Therefore, the Father says: The one whose body I have entered had 12 gurus but he still became tamopradhan. There wasn't any benefit in following them. When he found the Father, he renounced them all. When he found the highest-on-high Father, the Father said: Hear no evil! See no evil! Human beings are now totally impure and have tamopradhan intellects. There are also many here who are unable to follow shrimat. They don't have enough strength. Maya continues to make them stumble. Ravan is the enemy, whereas Rama is your Friend. Some call Him Rama and some call Him Shiva. His real name is Shiv Baba. I do not take rebirth. According to the drama, My name is Shiva. People have become confused because ten different names have been given to the One. They gave whatever names entered their minds. My real name is Shiva. I enter this body, I do not enter Krishna etc. People think that Vishnu resides in the subtle region. In fact, he is the dual-form that represents the family path. However, there isn't anyone with four arms. Four arms symbolise family life, whereas two arms symbolise the path of isolation. The Father establishes the religion of the family path. Sannyasis belong to the path of isolation. Those who belong to the family path become impure from pure. Therefore, in order to support the world, it is the part of sannyasis to become pure. There are hundreds of thousands and millions of them. When a mela takes place many go there. They do not prepare their own food; they live on the sustenance they receive from householders. They have renounced action, so where would they get their food from? So, they eat what householders give them. Householders believe that those are their donations. This one too was an impure worshipper. He is now becoming pure by following shrimat. He is making effort to claim his inheritance from the Father. This is why you are told to follow the father. Maya makes you fall in every respect. It is because of body consciousness that people make mistakes, whether they are poor or wealthy. You should at least make effort to break body consciousness! For the body consciousness to break is great effort. The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls and play your parts through your bodies. Why do you become body conscious? According to the drama, you had to become body conscious. At this time you have become completely body conscious. The Father says: You are souls. It is the soul that does everything. When a soul leaves his body, if that body were then cut, would there be any sound? No. It is the soul that says: Do not hurt my body. Souls are imperishable, whereas bodies are perishable. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, the Father. Renounce body consciousness. To the extent that you children become soul conscious, accordingly you will continue to become healthy and free from disease. Through this power of yoga you become free from disease for 21 births. The more soul conscious you become, the higher the status you will claim. You will also be liberated from punishment; otherwise, there will have to be a great deal of punishment. Therefore, you have to become very soul conscious. Many do not have the fortune of receiving this knowledge. How could someone become a deity unless he came into your clan, unless he became a Brahmin, that is, a mouth-born child of Brahma? Many come here and they then write, saying "Baba, Baba" just for the sake of saying it. They just write one or two letters and then disappear. They too will go to heaven, but amongst the subjects. Many subjects are created. Later on, when there is a lot of sorrow, many will come running. Many centres will open and the sound will spread that God has come. You children still lack becoming soul conscious. There is still a great deal of body consciousness. If, at the end, there is any body consciousness, your status too will be reduced. You will then become maids and servants. There are many maids and servants, numberwise. The kings are given maids in the dowry. The wealthy subjects are not given them. Some children have seen (in visions) how many maids and servants Radhe brought with her in her dowry. As you progress you will have many visions. It is better to be a wealthy subject than an ordinary maid. The word "maid" is bad; it is still better to become a wealthy subject. When you belong to the Father, Maya offers you greater hospitality. She becomes more powerful and fights with those who are powerful. Then, because of body consciousness, you turn your face away from Shiv Baba; you stop remembering Baba. You have time to eat, and yet you don't have time to remember the Father who makes you into a master of the world! Many good children forget Shiv Baba and become body conscious. Should you not even remember the Father and write a letter to the One who has given you the donation of life? However, don't even ask! Maya catches hold of you by the nose and leads you away. By following shrimat at every step, you receive an income of multimillions at every step. You become wealthy to such an extent that your wealth is uncountable. You receive wealth, prosperity, land, everything. Copper, iron, bronze etc. do not exist there. There are only gold coins there. Even the buildings are made of gold. So, what would you lack? This is the corrupt kingdom. As are the rulers, so are the subjects. In the golden age, as are the rulers, so the subjects: all are elevated. However, this doesn't sit in the intellects of human beings; they are tamopradhan. The Father explains: You used to be like that. This one was also like that. I have now come to make you into deities. Even then, you do not become that. You continue to fight among yourselves. "I am very good. I am this. I am that." None of them understands that they are in hell. We are in the extreme depths of hell. You children know this, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Human beings are now in extreme hell. They live in worry day and night. On the path of knowledge, those who do not serve to make others like themselves and who worry about "mine and yours" are the ones who are ill and diseased. To remember anyone but the Father is adulterated remembrance. The Father says: Do not listen to anyone else! Listen to Me alone! Remember Me alone! There is no benefit in remembering human beings. It is better to remember deities. The Father asks: Why do you bow your heads? When you are coming to this Baba, remember Shiv Baba and then come here. When you do not remember Shiv Baba, it is as though you are committing sin. Baba says: First of all, make a promise to become pure. Remember Shiv Baba! There are many precautions to take. Scarcely any of you are able to understand this. They do not even have enough wisdom to know how to behave towards the Father. A lot of effort is needed in this. To become a bead of the rosary is not like going to your aunty's home! The main thing is to remember the Father. Are you not able to remember the Father? There has to be so much service and remembrance of the Father. Baba tells you to keep a daily chart. The children who think about benefiting themselves will continue to take precautions in every way; their food and drink will be very pure. Baba explains so much for the benefit of the children. You have to take all kinds of precautions. Check that your food and drink are not impure and that you are not greedy. Maya will make you do wrong things until you reach your karmateet stage. There is still time for that. You will come to know later on that destruction is in front of you. Fire will spread. You will see how bombs fall. Rivers of blood will flow in Bharat. Elsewhere, they will destroy one another with bombs. There will also be natural calamities. The greatest difficulties will be in Bharat. Keep an eye on yourself to see what service you are doing. How many are you making equal to yourself, from an ordinary human into Narayan? Many are trapped in devotion so much. They think: What can these daughters teach us? They don't understand that it is God, the Father, who is teaching them. Because they have a little education or they have wealth, they start arguing with you. They lose their honour. Those who defame the Satguru cannot claim a high status. They will then claim a status worth pennies. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Renounce all worries of "mine and yours" and serve to make others similar to yourselves. Only listen to the one Father. Only remember the one Father. Do not allow your remembrance to become adulterated.
2. In order to benefit yourself, take great precautions about your food and drink. Check: Am I being greedy? Is Maya making me do wrong things?
May you be detached from all, loving and free from attachment by keeping the company of the true Companion.   
Every day at amrit vela, take the happiness of all relationships from BapDada and donate it to others. Become one who has a right to all kinds of happiness and enable others to become the same. No matter what the task is, do not remember your physical companions, but first remember the Father because the Father is the true Friend. When you take the company of the true Companion, you will easily be able to be detached from all and remain loving. Those who remember the one Father in all relationships in every task easily become free from attachment. They do not have any attachment, that is, they do not have any subservience towards anyone and this is why they are not defeated by Maya.
In order to see and know Maya, become trikaldarshi (knower of three aspects of time) and trinetri (one with the third eye) for only then will you become victorious.   

Om Shanti