Monday, May 4, 2015

Releasing the innerchilld

It's actually best too be in a room with your guide so your vibrations can intermesh and everyone rises above there lower self, but across the internet mAy work 💗. First of all visualise your holiday destination or a sacred safe or beautiful child hood memory. And just sit there, forget about the past and the future, now visualise a beautiful hedge or ancient stone wall surrounding it, quite high, you are sitting on a stone bench, you can see an open gate. A figure walks in whom you recognise, warm and friendly, you hug and hold hands, this is your guide and will take you too meet your innerchilld. You. Hold hands as friends and walk through the gate too a beautiful field of flowers and butterflies the sun is warm and. Shining, some beautiful puffy white clouds can be walk for a while and come across an ancient temple, you enter your guide stays outside. Inside is an ancient statue and beautiful incense burning. . The idol is like the Buddha or something. You sit at a bench, a lot of peace and love permeates the room. Then a small child walks in and sits next too you. Do you recognise them? It is your inner child