Sunday, June 14, 2015

A talk by a yogi part 2

Authority and victory are very much connected. If I have rehearsed then I have that authority that has come from my own experience. 3 They always say that when it is your experience then nobody can challenge it. Whatever you have read there will be different opinions and whatever you have heard there will be a thousand different ideas but if something is your experience and you position it that way ‘this is what my experience is’ then it can never be challenged. And so whether someone believes in God or they don’t believe in God, now that is a theoretical thing. But if I have experienced God as my Mother and Father and I am sharing that experience of what I have felt then it really can’t be challenged. This works on every level but and Baba used this one particular point of knowledge: Swa-darshan-chakradhari – “to be able to see the self - to have the vision of the self through the whole cycle”…… (Someone sharing but it is not clear) JB: This is why Baba says keep experimenting every day. Don’t come to a stop, don’t say oh yes yesterday I experienced Baba as my Mother and that is enough. If I keep experimenting every day then yes, it is going to be a very interesting alert yoga. One of the reasons why drowsiness comes in is because we think I have done this: “I am point of light and I am connecting with the Point of Light”. The intellect needs stimulation If I stimulate the intellect from Baba’s murli and the murli provides me with a huge amount of stimulus- so if I take something from that every day then yes I will be able to have different experiences and then it will all add to that whole spectrum and then I won’t be bored in yoga. The other thing is Baba’s murli. Think about when you first started hearing Baba’s murli and how long did that intoxication last and how was your intellect behaving in those early days? Or when we used to get fresh avyakt murlis every other day or even every two weeks? We don’t get that now but we are getting avyakt murli every Sunday! For some it is totally fresh and for some yes, we heard it but we don’t remember the detail. Think about that intoxication. When you come to Baba’s home to listen to Baba’s murli then turn your mind-set to that same awareness so that you are approaching it with that freshness. Otherwise there is that feeling of boredom that ‘I have heard this murli before’ or ‘it is the same thing’. It does depend on the tuning of my own intellect and my own awareness and how I approach it and then in that way yes, definitely new experiences keep coming. We can see that is why Dadis are constantly enthusiastic – they have so much enthusiasm for their own study of Baba’s gyan and that is what they share with others. We go to Madhuban with that awareness and that attitude to hear Baba’s murli and we have different experiences. And so let me come back to the point - if I have rehearsed all the points of Baba’s knowledge then I will have the authority of that experience and so that experience is triggering new experiences now. And so let me keep alive the beautiful powerful experiences that I have whether it is gyan, yoga, dharna or seva. By keeping those experiences alive I will be able to maintain that intoxication and then new things will begin to open up. Then whatever it is that I am going through in terms of my transformation it is really something that is going to impact the world. There are 2 particular things that immediately show us the connection of the self and the world. One is the term mansa seva - the service of the mind but mansa seva is also service through the mind. When I have done the service of the mind, then that transformation within me has an impact on a world outside. Somebody asked me: how can you see it happen? There are two very simple examples that come to my mind immediately. One is of brother Ram Prakash and the story of the twin towers and how that one individual was able to save lives of at least 60 people by maintaining that stability inside; just one individual alone. And if he hadn’t been there and if he didn’t have that stage then what would have happened. 4 Another example is the experience that brother Trushar shared of going into the tsunami situation with just that intention of serving through the mind because those people in distressed situation wouldn’t want to hear anything or wouldn’t want to speak anything. He found that doing mansa-seva, people were immediately responding to those vibrations. Once you have understood the impact of mansa seva then you don’t look for proof; it is totally incognito. But it really is the connection of soul and my transformation and the impact on the world. Our personal experience is when Dadi walks into Global House! Many have said that as soon as they enter reception they can feel the vibrations in the atmosphere when Dadi is there; Dadi is far away physically but they can feel the vibrations in the atmosphere. When the state of mind is just connected with Baba – not just from time to time or at times but all the time - then there is an impact. The second expression is the one that Baba uses that shows us the connection of the self and service ‘out there’- the smriti, the vruti, the drishti, the kriti and the srishti - (the world) As is my awareness [smriti] so is my attitude [vruti] so is my drishti [vision] and then accordingly my behaviour [kriti] and that is going to impact the world [srishti]. And so definitely there is the impact of personal transformation on the world. One particular thing about the call of time group was that nobody resisted anything! Usually when we have our 6 hours of silence there is one person who has a challenging time and they would resist it but this time every single one was having very deep experience of the silence. There were couple of people who talked about it in the gathering and one of them said: when Dadi talks about God then I think about ‘good’ and then it makes sense to me. Another person said he was a world champion in sailing at one point, and he was sharing that it was totally improbable that he and his team could win because the conditions were very challenging. But somehow they were able to draw on their inner reserves of strength and come together and face the elements and they won much to everyone’s surprise and they themselves were surprised also! And so even that journey ‘inwards’ and that ability to connect with my own inner resources is a spiritual journey! You begin with the inner journey – the vision of the self and move further and you connect with the Divine and you see things begin to happen. There was a very lovely expression that someone used- he said: “I can understand what happens through soul consciousness: the rules of the game changes completely.” It is absolutely true- in terms of karma, that is what is happening. In soul consciousness I do ‘one’ karma and there is the multiplication – the effect that you receive is a hundred fold return. And it is not just soul-consciousness but it is also Baba – I am doing ‘one’ karma in soul consciousness and in the connection with God and there is a hundred fold return. ‘ But then there is another side of that too! Recently Baba’s murlis have been quite strong about the other side and He is cautioning us about the impact of that – it is because of love Baba wants us to attain perfection now. Someone who is working very intensely with environment & sustainability and he said I really think it is too late to do anything about the climate change! He has been a long-term friend of the BK’s and he said: the only thing that can help is meditation; that is the only way we can help ourselves and the world….. Om Shanti