Sunday, June 14, 2015

A talk by a yogi on God(Baba)

Jayantiben 25.5.15 Alignment The subject that I would like to pick up this morning is the topic that was taken up in the ‘Call of the Time Dialogue’. The topic was “Personal Transformation and Collective Transformation”, relating to the impact of the self on the collective. One of the discussions was on the subject of alignment within the soul. Right now things are muddled and chaotic inside, and as a result, we see that on the outside. It is because the soul isn’t aligned. On one side, our conscience says one thing and on the other side our mind is playing games and doing other things and then our habits and our sanskars and our nature play games with us. It is all jumbled together. As a result of this, our actions and life are also such and this has an impact in the world. Someone was sharing that they had a very severe winter over the East Coast of US, but then, in particular in Boston, they went straight from bitter winter into Indian summer- very hot! There was no spring in between! This was one of the examples of the turbulence that is being witnessed in particular in the climate. But Baba’s knowledge helps us align. The first thing that happens is that Baba gives us the gift of the divine intellect. Today Baba has spoken about understanding ‘what is right and what is wrong’. Baba said how we had even lost that understanding. So now Baba is giving us the gift of the divine intellect and teaching us. With the gift of divine intellect we are able to connect with Baba. Once we are connected with Baba then we begin to have power. In yesterday’s avyakt murli Baba talked about the authority of the self. Usually people don’t like the word ‘authority’ because there have been too many artificial authorities that have created upheaval. But the inner authority is the spiritual authority - the authority over myself - it is the authority of my experiences. When I have taken Baba’s knowledge and I have understood it by deeply thinking about it and have applied it in my life, then that experience gives me the strength and the power to be able to do what I need to do for myself. It is with that authority of experience that we are able to start bringing the mind back on track. We are still trying to do it! We started from the moment we came to Baba but decades and decades later, we are still trying. But yes the percentage has increased and so now the mind is not misbehaving as much as it used to. However most of us are still not at the point where we say “full-stop” and it stops! Even after having understood that I have to say full stop, the mind still tends to wander around and so then you bring it back on track. The more we are linked with Baba, the more the buddhi [intellect] gains that inner authority of that experience and that strength. Just like Baba described yesterday that when we have the experience of all different relationships with Baba then the experience and the attainments of those relationships will give us that authority. Baba also described the authority that comes from using every single aspect of knowledge. In terms of knowledge Baba uses this word: “swadarshanchakradhari”, being able to have the vision [realisation] of the self. And so let me see to what extent, have I actually been able to have a vision of myself and see myself in the same way that Baba is seeing me. In theory we know what would happen if I have the authority of that experience! But if I think about it deeply and I actually experiment with it and experience it then I would see all of that happen in my life very naturally and easily. And so let me think about and experiment with all the different points of Baba’s knowledge. Let me experiment and experience having all relationships with Baba. Let me also think about all the virtues that I have received from Baba and experience that also, so that then I have the authority of all those experiences. Then hopefully as it comes into my practical life then I will be able to do service naturally. Baba mentioned these two words ‘all-rounder’ and ‘alert’. Usually Baba also says ‘ever-ready’! 2 When I have the authority of experience then whatever situation comes I will be able to serve within that situation in a way that is needed and not in a way that I think I should serve or a particular role that I think I should have. I will serve according to the need. With the authority of experience I am every-ready and alert and be able to deal with whatever, however, in the way that is needed. With the experience of each one of these things and the authority that comes with that, I am able to bring the mind back on track. Another word that was coming up in terms of alignment was the word “precision”. When there is alignment and my sanskars are on track and I am emerging the sanskars that Baba wants me to emerge and the other sanskars are finishing and the mind is behaving, then there is precision. This morning, we asked Dadi - I had to use the word “accuracy” as I didn’t know the Hindi word for ‘precision’ and so I asked: “what does the spiritual accuracy mean?” And her response was: not to allow my own nature and sanskars of the past to come up and not to allow the influence of the sanskars and nature of others to impact me. It was literally this morning that we asked her and so the guests did not get benefit of this but it was very beautiful to hear her grasp the question and give a very clear and concise answer. This is something for everyone to dwell on further and experiment with; the alignment and precision. The definition of precision: the accuracy in which my old nature and sanskars aren’t erupting, and I am allowing Baba to influence me so that good things can emerge. And then there will be no lagaav – no attachment; no jhuknaa – no bowing, no subservience; and no takkar – no clash or conflict with anyone. Dadi uses these three Hindi words. Brahmins have a very intimate interaction with each other each and every day- 365 - and so in those close proximities of each other, it tends to go either the one way or the other way. You are either drawn to someone and there is a familiarity and attachment and so on or there is a clash and a conflict. It might be subtle inside but it is definitely there. Sometimes it is not so subtle when the old sanskars erupt and so then it becomes visible and then very intense karma is created and the whole atmosphere changes! And so Dadi’s point was that accuracy means to go beyond all of this – my own sanskars. But also very often we want to stay aligned with the original state of the self - the love, the truth, the peace - but yet we say: “well, “so and so’s” behaviour made me say and do this and that. And so that influence moves me away. Precision, accuracy means that it is only Baba’s influence on me and not the influence of anyone else on me. When we think about this deeply then we can see how that accuracy happens when I am aligned. Of course Baba’s guideline for shrimat is very clear about what we can do and how we should do it in detail. Yesterday Baba was commenting on how ‘the flag of victory’ or ‘the lack of victory’ was shining on your forehead and how this isn’t always happening; it is happening for some and for some it is sometimes there and sometimes not there and for others it is a real struggle. Baba’s point was that the reason why the flag of victory is not constantly flying is because we do not rehearse beforehand. That is when Baba spoke about experiencing each one of the relationships with Baba and the attainments that it brings. But if I have truly gone into the depth of Baba’s knowledge and experimented with it and rehearsed it then that will automatically and naturally emerge as my response. If I am really doing the work that Baba is asking me to do each day, then I will be able to see that continuity of using Baba’s knowledge. Our intellect likes new things all the time otherwise it gets bored and then it moves into other avenues. But a very special foundation for Baba’s children is Baba’s murli every day and every day it is giving us something new that we can experiment with. And so if I use Baba’s murli - any murli not just the avyakt murlis but any murli – in that way for myself personally then I am constantly moving forward to that stage where there is constant victory - not just sometimes but all the time.