Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Positive thoughts

Daily Positive Thoughts: September 08, 2015: Thoughts


Understand and discern the quality of thoughts....Is it a weak thought, a waste thought, a positive thought or an elevated thought?  Think carefully and you'll find you'll not have to think too much!


Everyday our willpower gets tested! Willpower calls on our inner strength to take right action and control impulses and reactions.

Regardless of how "strong-willed" you are, why not conserve your willpower for those times when you need it the most.

How? Instead of trying to tackle multiple resolutions simultaneously, cut down on your resolutions and make them practical and doable.

Stay strong as you face the next temptation. Remember, willpower is like a muscle; exercising it, strengthens it.

Karmas In Spiritual Consciousness

The soul creates its destiny according to the karmas or actions it performs. Vikarmas or negative actions are those actions performed in body-consciousness. Sukarmas or positive actions are those actions performed in soul and Supreme Soul-consciousness. Given below is a list of differences between the two:

Body Consciousness: The soul is influenced by any of the vices; principally anger, greed, ego, lust or attachment.
Spiritual Consciousness: The soul brings its original qualities of peace, power, purity, love and bliss into action.

Body Consciousness: The soul is unable to settle its past karmic accounts and so karmic debts accumulate.
Spiritual Consciousness: The soul balances out its karmic debt and actually begins to accumulate or store credit.

Body Consciousness: Actions cause sorrow and loss for the self and others in contact.
Spiritual Consciousness: Actions fill the self and others with happiness and peace.

(To be continued tomorrow ....)

Soul Sustenance

Applying The Law Of Balance To Anger (Part 1) 

We are all very much aware of the law of gravity. It keeps us grounded on the earth. Gravity ensures everything returns to a state of balance. This is the law of balance on a physical level.

The law of balance can also be applied on a mental and emotional level, to the emotion of anger e.g. Too many angry thoughts of revenge and animosity (hatred) inside our consciousness can emerge in two ways:

a) either externally as toxic, violent behavior, which will attract toxic, violent responses from others, or
b) if these thoughts are kept bottled inside, they will eventually, after a period of time, emerge as some disease or the other in the physical body. This is because our consciousness then tries to find a way to get rid of the mental impurity, which enters our physical body and restores balance to the mental and physical system, which has been upset due to the creation of the toxic thoughts, in the first place.
The above e.g. is an application of this law on a micro level. We can apply this law of balance on a macro level, on the world at large, where we watch groups of people, even countries exchanging negative energy. We shall explain that in tomorrow’s message.
(To be continued tomorrow…)

Message for the day

The way to bring transformation in others is to have mercy for them. 

Projection: Inspite of wanting to bring about a positive change in people and working towards it, I rarely find that kind of change that I expect. People continue to display their old patterns of behaviour and finally I end up only feeling disappointed or frustrated.

Solution: Real change can come in people only when I am able to have a vision of mercy for them. With mercy I am able to percieve and bring out the best in people without actually being caught up with expectations. Once I am able to see the positive qualities I am able to encourage them to use these qualities.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris