Friday, September 4, 2015


Too keep the boat of Relationships afloat the vessel of the intellect must be strong and water proof, that is emotionally sound and navigational. You the Captain of the ship must be sober and courageous and be able too communicate with all your crew members too weather the storms , enjoy the smooth sailing days, fix the leaks and mechanical issues and deliver the cargo. Sound relationships come from listening and understanding the self, the inner voice and knowing when too bail and when too move forward. Some people are naturally flawed so why take them on your boat, stick too tried and tested waters, and venture out when you are wizened . So who am I?, this is a generalization, because we all are unique travelers on this great journey, but intrinsically we all are souls, living,conscious beings of light, inhabiting these vehicles of flesh and blood, our original religion or blueprint is peace and we come from a world of silence, we may have forgotten this (most have) but its a good starting point too re-control this ship. And the tool too do this is meditation and self realization. In this blog I will give you some free tools. FREE TOOLS And a meditation too start with. You see we relate too people like a magnet too metal, opposite poles attract, and this can produce good bonds and bondage as well, so we may need too re-polarize our attitudes.