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R U OK at work?

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Last week I attended the Australian Human Resources Institute annual conference in Melbourne to help man the R U OK? stand. The overwhelming response we received has prompted my first article – how do we go from R U OK? Day to R U OK? 365?
This coming Thursday is the culmination of our R U OK? campaign for 2015 – Thanks for asking. Why not take time in the next week to write a thank you note to someone who has helped you during a tough period. I’ve done it and it felt great – and my parents greatly appreciated it also. Enjoy.

Why and How You Should Create an R U OK? Work Culture

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
John Watson
Last week I was astonished by the sheer numbers of people who attended our R U OK? stand at the Australian Human Resources Institute Conference in Melbourne. We were the busiest stand by far.
HR Managers from the corporate, government, and not for profit sector all told us that mental wellbeing had become a major priority for their organisation.
There were many and varied reasons given for this, but probably the most frequent one mentioned was the change fatigue now consuming many workplaces.
It was quite humbling to think that just 6 years before I had joined R U OK? Founder Gavin Larkin in Canberra, to launch the first R U OK? with the then Minister for Health and Aging Nicola Roxon. In that first year we had no budget or employees, but a driving passion to champion Gavin’s vision that “A conversation could change a life.”
When Gavin (who tragically passed away from cancer in 2011) created R U OK? he always intended that the ultimate aim was to create supportive communities year round.
Whilst it was incredibly gratifying to realize how far we have come during last week’s conference, as a Director of R U OK?, I couldn’t help but think how much more we had to do to help our clients to create an R U OK? culture 365 days of the year.
In my presentations and workshops I explain that when I was the Joint Managing Director of a business in 2000 I went through a 5 year episode of depression that my psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated. What used to surprise me (but no longer does) is that after I share this story, people come up to and tell me about the struggles going on in their lives.
I've learn't that often behind the cheery facade of many people are daily battles.
Why is this insight essential to leaders?
In volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) times employees are under continual strain to do “more with less”. In addition to their work challenges, often they are coping with many other things in their private life. Their minds are distracted with a million different things.
To learn more about why and how we should create R U OK? work cultures click here.

R U OK? Day this Thursday September 10 – Thanks for Asking Campaign

On August 11 in Perth, R U OK? launched it’s 2015 campaign, calling on all people to say a big old-fashioned thanks to those who’ve asked “are you ok?” in order to show Australia the power of a conversation.
R U OK? Campaign Director Rebecca Lewis said “Thanks For Asking” is all about appealing to people’s hearts. “We want to create a conversation movement inspired by hope and gratitude,” Rebecca said. “Whatever the size of the problem, if someone has been there for you, we urge you to visit and thank them today.”
 R U OK? has travelled the breadth of Australia to encourage people to say thanks and share their stories. Starting in Perth , the tour has visited locations across Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. The final stop will be in Parramatta, Sydney on R U OK?Day (Thursday, 10 September). All resources and promotional material can be downloaded from
This is my thank you video to my parents for helping me through a tough time.
Thank you video to parents

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I hope you have rejuvenating Sunday and a wonderful R U OK? Day.
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