Sunday, December 20, 2015

Are you psychic or have healing powers??


With some intuitive gifts, it’s pretty obvious that you have them. If you see ghosts or Spirits, hear voices, or even so much as see things out of the corner of your eyes, it’s relatively easy to narrow down that something is going on there. Sure, maybe not right away, but after a few clicks on Google, you’re already fairly certain that you’re a traditional, seeing dead people medium. 

But what if, you don’t necessarily see ghosts, and instead, you find that you’re still highly intuitive, empathic, and an aware individual - then what? Is this a psychic, intuitive gift? If so, what kind of gift is it? It’s not seeing dead people, then what could it be? 

I’ll tell you. 

By and large, there is a huge part of the general population that has intuitive gifts and they aren’t even aware that they matter or can be put to good use. Perhaps these “gifts” often seem like a nuisance. 

In fact, your gift could be another, lesser recognized form of mediumship, called healing mediumship. The ability to heal others through a connection to Divine Information and Divine Healing Light. You may already being healing others this way, without even being aware of it. 

So, how can you tell if you have a healing gift? 
4 Telltale Signs You’re a Healer 

1. It seems like everyone you know (or even don’t know!) comes to you with their problems. 

My other job, for the past few years, has been teaching college students in a class in Experimental Psychology. Over the course of the last few semesters, I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the amount of students coming to me with huge personal crises. An increase that seemed to coincide with the development of my own healing abilities. What could it be? Why was it that SO many, really an exponential amount of students, all only in my classes (none the classes of my colleagues), were, all of a sudden, having major personal crises? What was going on here? 

Was it some kind of freak event? 

Of course it wasn’t. Everyone, at all times, is dealing with some sort of crisis, big or small. 

The difference is, is that most times, when dealing with a personal struggle, a choice is made to suffer and struggle in isolation and silence. If you have healing gifts, you are essentially radiating an energy of Divine Love. This is why people come to you with their problems. Through your physical body flows an outpouring of loving, understanding, and compassionate Divine Light. In fact, simply being in your presence and sharing their struggle is healing in itself. 

Do you have to solve these problems? Not necessarily, but as you move through this world as a beacon of healing light, you can expect to always notice that people you know, or even don’t know at all, will suddenly spill out their hearts and souls in your presence. And that’s okay, sometimes, all you have to do is listen. 

How Can I Tell if I Have Healing Gifts? 

At the grocery store, and the person in front of you in line really tells you quite a bit of personal details? Know that this is why - you are always holding within your Spirit a safe, loving, energetic space. 

Do your friends come to you first with problems? Again, why not you? If you saw a beacon of warm, loving light, would you not gravitate to that beacon at your first chance? 

2. You often experience shoulder and neck pain. 

Divine Light is the energy that practicing healers use to exact a healing. It is not your own energy that is healing, but the energy that comes from Source, from Divine, from the Universe. And in most, if not all, cases of healers, we use our hands during the healing process. To sense energy and through which the healing energy flows. 

The chakras (or energetic centers) located in the palm of your hands, are satellites of the Heart Chakra. Healing energy, primarily flows down from Source, through the crown, swirling around in the chest, and leaving the healer from their chest and the palms of their hands. The Heart Chakra is the chakra that is strongest and most central to a healer. 

Not only does healing energy flow through the Heart Chakra, know that as a healer, you often act as a filter. Think of it like dialysis machine. Divine energy flows outs, and energy needing healing flows in. Your arms, hands, chest, shoulders and Heart Chakra are acting as the tubing of the whole operation. “Bad” energy in, “Good” energy out. You act as the dialysis machine, cleansing your patient with healing light. And after any cleansing session, the tubing must be flushed. In case of the healer, flushing the tubing means flushing through your body Divine Light through the tubing of the hands, arms, and chest. If no flushing occurs, then buildup takes over the system and causes blockages and clogs. 

You can tell where I’m going here - if you’re healing others non-stop, on accident, simply as you listen and understand their concerns - which you’re likely doing, you need to regularly flush the system (think, chakra cleanse). If you don’t, you risk causing damage and stress to your tubing, manifesting as shoulder and neck pain. Heart Chakra blockages can often lead to physical manifestations such as chest pain, shoulder and neck aches, or even heartburn and acid reflux. 

If you experience these symptoms commonly, it’s time for a cleanse. 

Learn more about the Heart Chakra here, how to heal it here, and how to cleanse your chakras here. 

3. You are highly empathic, often experiencing other’s pain as physical discomfort in yourself 

This one is easy. The whole premise on which intuitive healing lies is that you are very sensitive to sensing energy - because you need to be, in order to heal it! 

And energy, exists in all forms. Anything that exists in this universe carries with it a certain energy - tables, chairs, humans, sound waves, thoughts, emotions, feelings, plants - these are all things that exist as energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, we’re all made of moving particles - yada yada yada. You get the picture. 

The point is, that if you are highly empathic, you can actually feel another’s pain or suffering as a physical manifestation in yourself, and this is a CLEAR sign that you have strong energetic and healing abilities. 

Has someone around you ever been so nervous, that you could feel your own stomach start to turn? Or, in turn started feeling anxious yourself? 

Your best friend, when her heart was broken, did your chest ache too? 
How Can I Tell if I Have Healing Gifts? 4 Telltale Signs You're a Healer by Sarah Petruno of Earth Energy Healings 

And on a more positive side, has anyone ever been so filled with elation and joy, that you became so happy you could cry tears of joy? 

Exactly. These are all ways in which you have sensed (and taken on) the energy of another person - perhaps it was subconscious aura reading, or perhaps a cord was created. 

Either way, the take home message is clear - you can sense and perceive an energy, a thought, an emotion, that is not your own. 

This is an intuitive, healing related ability. 

Congratulations! I bet this has happened to you more times than you can count, and you didn’t even know it mattered! 

4. You can take an objective view of a situation, often feeling as though you’ve left your body. 

Have you ever found yourself, sitting at table with yourself, and another person, or a few people while a situation was being puzzled out and discussed? Perhaps one person was angry and was venting their frustrations, perhaps difficulties were being shared, perhaps a solution to a problem was being worked out. In any case, at any point, during this scenario, did you feel as though you had checked out, as it were? Maybe you refer to it as “spacing out”, and even more than that, did it maybe feel like you left your body, and were watching the experience from above? 

In all purposes of the phrase, you were a quiet observer, taking it all in. 

Shortly, you may have found yourself “snapping out of it” and wondering what the heck just happened. This, my friends, is an everyday, commonplace, short version of a shamanic journey. Yep. That’s right - you’ve just been on a shamanic journey. 

If it sounds hard to believe, let me break it down for you. 

A shamanic journey, all it is, is when your Spirit, leaves your body, for any reason at all. Sure, in shamanism, it’s with the intent of healing and helping another - but often times, also in shamanism, the Spirit of a healer leaves simply to get an objective view, to get another, outsider’s perspective of a situation. In my healing sessions, that’s what happens. I “take a journey” which involves my Spirit leaving my physical body and going to the situation, person, place, or thing that requires healing attention. I observe, I get an outsider’s view, and assess the situation and what needs to be done. Then, I come back ‘to’ the physical space. 

And that’s what you just did. Your out of body experience, was just that. Your Spirit left your body to get another perspective. To view the situation from another side. You took, without even knowing it, a shamanic journey. All I did just now, was point it out. 

And really, how can you be effective as a healer if you aren’t able to get an outside perspective and remove yourself from the situation? 

Next time you do this, recognize it as such, and recognize that you’re using your healing abilities, right in that moment, in the flesh. 

Chances are, you’ve experienced each and every one of these 4 Signs, and it may be time to consider your options as a healer, as an already functioning beacon of Divine Light. 

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana 

Too enhance your spiritual gifts meditation and a vegetarian diet is always recommended, a good link for both of these can be seen here, My key too hone gifts