Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Armageddon Cults and death of the ego

With these two seemingly opposite ideals there is a common ground in between The classic end of days scenario comes from the Hopi Indians and there chief but its not an ending of civilisation as more a transition to a fifth time. My Guru once said that his aim was too become Incorporeal, viceless and Egoless. It seems too me the world we live in, realistically and internally, is a product of our thoughts and attitudes. And nano technology and micro thought emphasise thoughts and atoms too be interconnected (Deepak Chopra- Quantum Healing). And we can see the influence of our attitudes and actions on our body, daily. (Louise Hay- You can heal your life). My understanding is I am a soul and I inhabit my body, using it as a vehicle whilst taking my journey through this lifetime and beyond. So at my highest or first incarnation, perhaps this planet was new and sparkly and perhaps it will become that again. But too be brainwashed by a group or person or ideal that is not resonating with my true self, that is subservience and wasting one,s time.

Too further investigate my thoughts I have created this website Judgement Day
And a closer look at time itself I have created this website Time