Monday, February 1, 2016

Using the 5 headed snake as a canopy of protection

The title of this post comes from an ancient hindu scripture, namely the bhagavad gita, where krishna is seen lying in the lap of the 5 headed snake , taking a nap and protection from his host. Of course the 5 heads of the snake represent the 5 vices, anger, ego, lust, attachment and greed. Or can also obtusely be seen as also controlling the kundalini or energies of the body making them your servant instead of succumbing too them. And naturally the process for starting this shift is meditation, contemplation, introversion and self realization. As you go deeper these tools at times may rise there deadly heads and momentarily attack you, especially ego, but that just is an opportunity too go deeper into the self, and unlock that falsehood. Ego is a very deep one, but it is said, you succumb too one all of its brothers will also attack you. So enjoy the ride and the deep peace and bliss that comes as fruits of your efforts. Here is  a link going deeper into this subject. Namaste

Discovering the true self