Thursday, January 14, 2016

Some key facts too the specialities and development of your personality

These facts i'm about to touch upon come from an undisclosed source and may appear mind boggling or they may just easily fit into your already created concepts of the soul and the human personality. I definitely believe in my heart of hearts they are true and accurate, but as you well know metaphysical fact and spiritual truths are impossible to prove using scientific checks and balances or even religious texts. It's all depending on the eye of the beholder, so too speak (the third eye that is).

So here we go fellow journeyers . I learnt these set of facts from journeying too India 25 times over 25 years. The soul in its original form is a conscious entity but being devoid of a body and 5 sense organs has all its powers and personality latent just like a seed waiting too germinate. In fact it is like a seed but its structure is that of light , but not an ocean of light, more like a star ready to be born. In fact we sit in a world of golden red light waiting to play our part on this world drama stage. The higher power or God also sits there, also a star of light, the higher power known as Godhead etc is different in he never uses a womb to take physical birth.

At some point in time, time being the optimum or relevant word, the star of light moves from its highest consciousness and enters the realm of the 5 elements. Time doesn't exist in the world of Golden red light because there are no points of framework to compare it too. So practically the star enters the physical realm and becomes a soul in a fetus soon to become a body and express its destiny, its latent characteristics on this world of atoms and molecules. And then expression and programming take place simultaneously. For example the parents will love the child, mother nature will feed the child, the child will have experiences and its personality will develop and be moulded according to its environment A typical personality trait will be language. The parents may be telepathic and have xray vision like Superman's parents  and thus the child also replicates that speciality.

The child may be born into a family that speaks hindu, or a world with sabre tooth tigers or I pads etc, these all will influence the child in positive or negative ways. But the key point in all this expansion and development of the child and his or her brain is the soul always has the ability to tap into its original memory of what it was like as a star in our original home. Now whether they want too or not that is an entirely different thing. They may be having too much fun, or there brains are otherwise occupied.

But upon death the soul will automatically leave that body, why, because the vehicle cannot sustain itself anymore. Now the tricky part that many disagree upon. The soul cannot return home at that point in time, it may have a memory of that place but it will lack the capacity to fly home, hence it is trapped in the cycle of birth and death. The Buddhists would disagree and others would rather incarnate as an eagle or something. But neither of these things occur, We reincarnate in our own species as does a dog or cricket or goldfish
. And we can only return all together at a fixed point in time (earth time that is) too our highest point, and this will occur, mark my words, when the 5 elements can't support us anymore. Probably sooner than later.

Some food for thought