Monday, May 15, 2017

The constant voice

Today we're going too cover inner talk, this can include our daily, second by second, mind talk, mantras, meditation commentaries, self realizations etc.

You know that idle chatter that nags us every second of the day, sometimes leading too irrational decisions, judgements or day too day navigation. Meditation teaches us the skill of being the observer of the mind, not the slave but a witness so we can be detached and not perform some of my actions or be consumed by some of my feelings, it creates space between thoughts.

Practical examples seem too exemplify what I'm talking about. This news reporter from America had a on air panic attack in front of 5 million viewers coaxing him too seek further help and introspection
He later produced a book and App around the subject which you may find beneficial. Especially if your skeptical and lazy about meditation.

The Book and website These are beneficial or just go too my links at the top of this blog on mediation. My favourite is I .