Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Be in touch with reality

The best teacher is the world. Its good too be in solitude for a while too clear your past karma , but even ashrams and mountains are crutches which must be cast off too see your true self.
As a famous guru once said,

The real peace, the real silence, needs to be tested here in the world, in the marketplace. If it is disturbed that simply shows it was very superficial – you have to go deeper into it. And the marketplace is helpful to show you.

Deep in the mountains there is no way to know whether your silence is deep or just superficial. You can remain silent for your whole life and die and the silence will be just skin-deep because there is nothing to disturb it, so you cannot see how deep it is.

I want the religious person to be in the world, not of the world – in the world, because the marketplace is the place where you are tested every moment. You should be grateful to the marketplace because it continuously makes you aware of where you are. The day nothing disturbs you, nothing makes any difference to your silence . . . This can be realized only in the marketplace, not in the Himalayas.

In the Himalayas there is every possibility of falling into a fallacy – because the silence of the Himalayas will not disturb your silence. The silence of the Himalayas will give you a false notion – that it is your silence. And you have only a thin layer, a poor layer.

I am against renouncing the world.
I am absolutely for the world.
The world is a great school.

Experiment, meditate, and be constantly in touch with things which disturb you. One day nothing will be disturbing, and that will be the day of great rejoicing.

— O S H O

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Never Died
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