Friday, October 28, 2016

Ego is not a dirty word

Today we will be discussing ego and the truth behind our quest  as humans , as modern people , too create an ivory tower of thoughts, values, credentials and material assets too feather our illusive nest. Don't be fooled by this topic as being one-eyed, this ego also develops as spirituality, knowledge connoisseurs , and emotional clap trap. A very good describer of this phenomenon of ego as opposed too understanding the self, is the great Stuart Wilde who describes how the ego-centred mind craves noise and information of the false self, of your occupation, status in society etc. etc. So basically the ego centred mind craves lower vibrations associated with modern society and possessions. But the soul in its original vibration is of a high vibration of concentration, of peace , of silence, of world connectedness and virtue. Thus things like meditation and positive thinking naturally evoke that original feeling or record of ourselves as peaceful and noble beings before we were poisoned with lower vibrations. Here's a taste of Stuart Wilde and his brilliant explanations . Now here is a link concentrating more on the aspect of the mind .