Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Filling our minds with entertainment

In this post I will be focusing on how we as human beings naturally look outside our own higher self's too excite our minds, consume our souls and too keep us occupied. The world at the moment is full of lower vibrations or neutral, ready too  intimidate us. The biggest enemies are I phones and websites. They of course aren't actually the enemy, the enemy is idle hands and lack of self identity. If you have the thirst for meditation, these forces will still be there but they wont consume you. The concentrated mind and content heart will always win over lower vibration influences, though some one with a higher consciousness will definitely feel the pain, but the crucifix is turned into a thorn. I run my own business at the moment and the highs and lows of business can eat away at your happiness and concentration, but I've all my clients are special souls and uplifting people, so like does attract like. Entertainment is a normal prerequisite of higher consciousness as well, we're not aliens, but the viewer isn't dependent on external entertainment but on sublime intoxication of the self and the impact I am having on my town, country and fellow beings. I explore this topic much more in depth in my website Star wars