Saturday, May 23, 2009

The sword of meditation

Correct and deep meditation is like the edge of a sword, which cuts away your sins or some would say your past negative karmas.It is easy too read scriptures or chant mantras or go too confession,or bathe in the Ganges but actually that wont cut away your past sinful actions,this is a battlefield, not a physical one but a spiritual one.One where you keep the mind and intellect out of the bog of illusion.So the correct method for deep meditation is too consider yourself a soul,a living point of light and too visualize God the Supreme Soul also as aliving point of light sitting in soul world a world of Golden red light and connecting with that being my father,the creator and absorbing power in the form of might and light from the Sun of Knowledge.Just as two brothers would constantly remember each other and give each other support and motivation.PRACTICE :) Om Shanti