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26/04/15  Om Shanti  Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban  26/11/79

“Fulfilling the responsibility of love”
In order to give all of you children the return of your love and remembrance, BapDada has become corporeal in the same way as you, because to become equal means to give the return of love. The Father constantly loves His children and always obeys them. As soon as His children call Him, He comes here and becomes the same as them. The Father enters another soul’s body in order to fulfil His responsibility of love. So, what should you children now be doing? All of you children are loving anyway.  In fact, to live in Madhuban is also to give the return of love. To come running here from far away is also a sign of love. What is the return of having total love? You are loving and you also have the Father’s love. The one thing that the Father constantly desires is that all of His children should become equal to Him. Because of His love for you, He becomes equal to all of you by coming into the corporeal world and adopting a corporeal form. So, all of you should also become equal to the father, subtle residents of the subtle region and masters of all virtues, the same as the incorporeal Father. This is known as the return of love. Have you become those who give the return of total love? Or, do you still have to become that? You have definitely become that, but you are numberwise!
Today, BapDada was watching the games of all the loving children. What games were being played? You also enjoy watching games, do you not? What was seen at the time of the early morning hours of nectar? All of you souls who can fly like birds who can fly even faster than a rocket, and those who move even faster than the speed of sound, reached your corporeal places. Just as when an aeroplane reaches its destination, it lands at that airport, so too, all of you souls reached your spiritual airport. The aim and direction of each of you was the same. Your aim was to fly and become equal to the Father and the direction was to fly within a second. So, what happened? Before an aeroplane takes off, checking is done with the facilities of science to ensure everything is in order and then it is loaded with everything. The plane has to be filled with whatever is needed, such as petrol, air and food; only then would the plane take off and fly.  All the aeroplanes of you Brahmin souls did reach your take-off point.  However, the direction was and is to fly within a second. Many were left behind, because they were still doing their checking. Some were left behind because of checking: “I am a soul, not a body.” Some were left behind whilst trying to fill themselves with all powers by churning knowledge: “I am a master embodiment of knowledge. I am a master almighty authority”. Some had these pure thoughts, but they were unable to become embodiments of them, and so they got stuck in the second stage of just filling themselves.  Some remained so busy in trying to fill themselves that they were unable to fly. They were engaged in pure thoughts, but they were unable to leave the earth of the body; they were unable to stabilise in the bodiless stage. A very few select ones were able to fly within a second and reach the subtle world or the incorporeal world according to the Father’s direction. Just as the Father enters another body and then leaves; just as the Supreme Soul is able to enter another one’s body, so, you Brahmin souls, who have died alive and are great souls, are also able to enter and leave your own bodies. Become a karma yogi whenever you choose, become a yogi of the supreme abode or a yogi of the subtle region whenever you wish. Since you have become the masters of the three worlds, you are free to do this whenever you want. At this time, you are lords of all three worlds and a lord is able to go to his place whenever he wants.
One thought of many children reaches Baba. They think: “The Father is free from bondage, whereas I am bound in the bondage of the body and the bondage of karma”. However, BapDada is still asking you: Have you not yet renounced everything including your body? The first promise that all of you children made was: “Body, mind and wealth are all no longer mine, but Yours.”  Since they are not your own, and they belong to Baba, how can you be bound to them? BapDada has just given them to you on loan. You are just the trustee of it all, not the owner. Now that you have died alive and your accounts of 83 births have been completed, this is your new, 84th birth. You cannot compare this birth to any other birth. This divine birth is not a bondage: it is a relationship. This is not a birth in which you have any bondage of karma, but a birth in which you become a karma yogi. In this alokik divine birth, you Brahmin souls are independent, not dependent. It is when you change “Yours” into “mine” that you become dependent. “My first account, my first sanskars.” Where did this “mine” come from? If you remain free by staying aware that you have received that body on loan, you can then fly within a second. You promised that you would sit wherever you were made to sit, and do whatever you were told to do. So, are you a soul who is in bondage to the Father or in bondage to karma? The Father has also given you the direction to perform karma. You are free and the One who is making you move is doing that; you are just moving.  This was the special dharna of your mother Saraswati: “The One who is giving all the orders is making me move.” This was how she claimed a number ahead. So, follow the mother and father. You allow a web of wasteful thoughts to enter your mind in the form of: “I have to settle my karma, I am bound by my karma, I am bound by my sanskars, and I am also in bondage to the gathering.” You trap yourself in the web you create, and you then ask to be released! Baba says: You are already free, but you can only become free if you let go! Are you free from bondage or in bondage? You have already shed your body and died alive. You have simply adopted that old body to serve the world. The Father is filling that old body with power and making it move along. It is the Father’s responsibility, so why do you take it upon yourself? You do not look after your responsibility and yet you do not let go of it! Let go of the responsibility, that is, let go of the consciousness of “mine”! “My effort, my invention, my service, my touchings, my virtues etc. are very good! My handling power is very good!  My decision-making power is very good! My understanding is accurate, whereas everyone else is under a misunderstanding.” Where did this consciousness of “mine” come from? This is a royal form of Maya. Conquer this Maya and you can become a conqueror of matter within a second. You will then take the support of matter, but you will not be dependent on it. Only those who have conquered matter can conquer the world. Then, you will easily and automatically be able to follow the direction of becoming bodiless in a second. What game did you see? You are all very clever in making “mine” into “Yours”. If someone does something whilst under a magic spell, he is not even aware of what he is doing. This royal Maya also casts a magic spell and you don’t realise what you are saying. What will you do now? Now change from being one who feels bound by your karma and become a karma yogi. Do you understand? Now, free yourself from all bondage. When you consider yourself to have all your relationships with the one Father alone, you will be constantly ever ready. Practise becoming bodiless as soon as you have that thought. No matter how busy you are in service or how much your work is pulling you, or even if your intellect is very busy in this work, at such a time, practise becoming bodiless. When your service is accurate, there can never be any bondage of that service, because a yogyukt and yuktiyukt server constantly stays beyond whilst serving. It shouldn’t be that, because you have a lot of service to do, you are unable to become bodiless. If you remember that it is not your service, but that the Father has given it to you, you will remain free from bondage. Practise remaining aware that you are a trustee and are free from all bondage. Practise having the karmateet stage that you will have during the extreme situations of the final moments; only then would it be said that you haven’t changed “Yours” into “mine”, that you haven’t been dishonest with the treasures entrusted to you. Do you understand what you now have to practise? Just as you have traffic control of your thoughts every now and then, so also experience your stage of the final moments, of the extreme times. Then, at the end, you will be able to pass with honours.
To those who are constantly free from bondage, to those who are like the Father and can conquer matter whenever they want, to those who are constant trustees of their natures and sanskars, to those who are beyond the awareness of the body; to such children who are the world benefactors to uplift the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting the Bombay and Poona Zones:
1. Is your star of fortune constantly visible sparkling on your forehead? Or do the clouds of Maya sometimes come in front of the star? When there are clouds, the stars get hidden, and when there are no clouds, the stars continue to sparkle beautifully. Is your star of fortune constantly sparkling in the same way, or do clouds come in front of it? As soon as you become a Brahmin, your star begins to sparkle, but you have to make sure that no clouds come in front of the star. You have to pay attention and see that the sparkle of your star doesn’t get hidden. When photographs are being taken, if clouds appear, the photo won’t be so good; the features won’t be clear. So, too, if clouds appear in front of you sparkling stars, how would you be able to grant visions?  You are those who will reveal the Father, that is, you will give a vision of the Father through yourself. How can a vision be seen through clouds? So, when will you grant visions? Will it be when destruction takes place? You have to become like this now. If you don’t practise removing the clouds over a long period of time, the clouds would reappear at the last moment. If you are standing there to grant a vision and clouds suddenly appear, your whole programme will be upset. Now practise this so that any clouds disappear whilst at a distance. Science is able to change the direction of a storm or the path up a mountain, and yet science is not perfect. Science can never become perfect; for as long as it is based on the dictates of human beings, it will continue to fluctuate. So, it is unlawful. Those who follow the Father’s shrimat are able to do whatever they want. You need to practise removing obstacles over a long period of time.  All of you are making effort, but what is the speed of your efforts?  If something only takes a second to do and you take two hours to do it, you would then run out of time.  If you give the right answer to a question in an exam but not in time, would you pass or fail? It won’t do simply to say that you are moving along. Don’t just think that, because you go to class every day that you are regular and punctual and that you also do Baba’s service, you can be pleased with yourself. You now have to become regular and punctual in following the Father’s direction to become a constant and easy yogi. The Father will also mark you present in this. You do receive marks for being present in the first aspect, but you can claim a number ahead by being marked present in the second aspect. Which rosary are you going to become a part of? If you only sometimes remain stable in this stage, the rosary you go into will then be of those who are only worshipped sometimes. You will become a bead towards the end of the rosary. What service will you mothers do? Will you all claim number one? Will this become the number one group? Whatever service you do, you will receive one hundred, thousand-fold, multimillion-fold return of that. This is why this confluence age is for serving and receiving the return of it. As soon as you do something, you receive the reward of it. Do double service whilst living with your family. Through this, hands will be created and centres will be opened. There are very few surrendered hands, and so let them tour around, whilst you householders look after the centres. Centres can be opened in this way too. If you have complications with regard to your family or your children, you can rent a room and look after that. If there are no complications or obstacles with regard to your children, you can then open a centre in your home.
2. Do you remain constantly unshakeable and immovable? In the previous cycle, Ravan’s army tried to shake Angad, but, nevertheless, he remained unshakeable. Although adverse situations will come and go, your original stage will constantly enable you to make progress. By chasing after adverse situations, you lose your own original stage. No matter what situations arise, you should take a high jump and overcome the situation. It is a sign of good luck that such situations come. These papers are a means of making your foundation very strong. They come to check your faith by trying to shake you.  Once you become as strong as Angad, they will just come to salute you. They will first come to you in their fearsome form and then as your servant. Challenge them and show them that you are mahavirs. Can a line be drawn on water? No situation can wage war on you master oceans of knowledge; nothing can draw a line on you.
3. Do you constantly maintain the deep concern of having faith in One and having one Support? Those who constantly have one Support are able to remain constant and stable. No other sweetness can attract such souls. Such souls are constant lighthouses and move along while free from obstacles. They become instruments to show the path to many others. So, every day, as a lighthouse, how many souls do you show the path to? This is the duty, business and activity of Brahmins.
4. The revelation of the Father’s image through the images of experience. Are you constantly images of experience of the Father’s virtues? You are experienced in all the virtues which are praised as the Father’s, are you not? The Father is the Ocean of Bliss and so you are the images of experience who move along in the waves of the Ocean of Bliss. The Father’s image is revealed through the images of experience who constantly experience all of the virtues. All of you are those who will reveal the Father. You are so great that you will reveal the Supreme Soul. Let the Father’s virtues be visible through each one’s face. Let whoever comes into contact with you experience bliss, love and happiness.
5. The fortune of those who have come late is no less, it is very elevated. How? Those who have come late have come when everything has already been prepared. Just as grandparents plant seeds to provide for their grandchildren to eat from, so, those who have come late are also those who will eat the fruit of what has been planted here. You now have so many facilities and ready-made places. Others have been churning and you are eating the butter! This is why you are constantly happy. Constantly remember your fortune and the Bestower who has bestowed that fortune on you. BapDada constantly says: Young children are like God; they are equal to God.
May you be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne and forget your old body and the world.   
The place for the elevated confluence-aged souls is BapDada’s heart throne. You cannot receive such a throne throughout the whole cycle. You will of course continue to receive a throne for the kingdom of the world or the kingdom of a state, but you will not find this throne. This is such an unlimited throne that you can do whatever you want – walk, tour around, eat, sleep – and still be on the throne. The children who are always seated on BapDada’s heart throne have forgotten their old bodies and the bodily world. They see it but do not see it.
To race after limited name, honour and pride means to chase after a shadow.   

Om Shanti