Saturday, May 2, 2015

todays church like sunday murli from the guru

03/05/15  Om Shanti  Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban  28/11/79

“How to remain free while living at home with your family.”
Today, BapDada was seeing a particularly special group of His long-lost and now-found children, a handful out of multimillions, who know the Father and claim their inheritance from Him. Which group would that be? Today, He was especially observing the children who live at home with their families. He also observed the homes of all the families. He looked at the places where they interact with one another. Whilst observing the homes,, Baba also saw what influences there are of the impure elements and the adverse situations, and what influences there are of the kingdoms. Whilst observing this, Baba also saw the wonders of some children - of how they remained free while living at home with their families.  Those who maintain a balance between their freedom and their family lives are playing very good and elevated parts.  They play their parts of being the Father’s companion and detached observers very well, and have become practical examples in front of the world. Because they constantly stay under the canopy of protection of remembrance of the Father,, they remain constantly safe from any type of war by Maya and any type of Maya’s attractions..
When the Father sees such detached and unique children, He constantly sings songs of their praise. Baba also saw some other children who live at home with their families.  Because the children have honest hearts, the Lord is always pleased with them. Because they know the secret of remaining loving and detached, they are always happy with themselves and also keep their families happy. BapDada too is always happy with them. Children who are raazyukt (who understand all secrets) and who constantly keep themselves and everyone else happy don’t need to hire an advisor (kaazi) either for themselves or for others. They have no case for which they would need to have an advisor. Many times, you would have heard the saying: “When the husband and wife are happy together, what can a third person do?” You must have many cases of your own sanskars, where you keep on debating with yourself. “Is this right or wrong? Should this happen or not? To what extent should this happen?” This debate continues all the time. When you are not able to decide for yourself, you have to make someone else your advisor. For some, it would be for a small matter, whereas it would be a big thing for others. However, if you and the Father were to make the decision together, everything would be finished within a second and there would then be no need to have an advisor, a judge or a lawyer.
One of the laws of a family is that when something happens in a family, the parents would not allow the news of it to reach their children. They would clear everything there and then and merge it, that is, they would accommodate it within themselves. If the news of the situation reached a third person, it would definitely spread and the more something spreads the more it increases. To the extent that a physical fire spreads, accordingly it causes that much damage. All of these small matters are like fires of the different vices. A fire is extinguished there and then and not allowed to spread. In your family, only you and the Father should know about anything that happens; it should not reach a third person even though that one may be close and even in the family. Husband and wife should become happy with one another. To become upset (naraaz) is like not knowing the secret (raaz). It is when you miss out on one or another secret of knowledge that you become upset, either with yourself or with others. When you hire a lawyer, a small matter becomes a big case. Therefore, to relate anything to a third person means to spread the things of your own household outside. In the world nowadays, all the big legal cases are printed in the newspapers. Here, too, they appear in the newspapers of the Brahmin family. Therefore, why don’t you resolve it between yourselves? Between just you and the Father; no third person should know anything of it. Some children have a thought that reaches Baba. They think that it’s fine for husband and wife to settle everything, but, sometimes, because the Husband is incorporeal and the wife is corporeal, they don’t match each other so well, and this is why there is sometimes a meeting and at other times, there isn’t. Sometimes, the heart-to- heart conversation reaches Baba and sometimes it doesn’t; that is, sometimes, you don’t receive any response, and this is why you have to have an advisor. However, you have found the Husband who has many forms. Whatever form you want Him to have, He can present Himself in front of you in that form within a second. However, like the Father, you also have to be one with many forms.
The Father can make you fly and take you with Him to the subtle region within a second. The Father comes from the incorporeal world into the subtle world, and so you too can come from the corporeal world to the subtle world. At least reach the venue of the meeting! The venue also has to be beautiful. The subtle region, the angelic region, is the meeting place. The time for you is fixed; you’ve made the appointment; the venue is fixed; so then why does the meeting not take place? The only mistake you make is that you want to go there with the clay. This body is clay. When you have to work with your clay, then do so!  However, at the time of the meeting, you have to renounce the consciousness of your body and put on the same dress as the Father’s. They have to be the same. From being incorporeal, the Father adopts an angelic costume – BapDada becomes the angelic and the incorporeal together. You too have to put on your angelic dress and come here. Only when you wear your shining dress will the meeting take place. Do you not know how to put on this dress? As soon as you put on this dress, you can reach here. This dress is waterproof and fireproof against any form of Maya. It has also been made proof against the attitudes and vibrations of this old world. You have been given such a beautiful dress, and yet you don’t put it on when you have your appointment! Do you love your old dress more? It looks very nice if both are wearing a shining dress when you are in the region of light. If one is wearing an old dress and the other is wearing a shining dress, the couple is not matching, and this is why you do not have an experience.  The old vibrations interfere and this is why you don’t receive any response to your heart-to-heart conversation. It is because you are not able to understand clearly that you take some temporary support of others.
In fact, this relationship of Husband and wife should be so close and loving that you would be able to understand everything just through signals. Even more subtle than signals, you should be able to understand one another through your thoughts. This is such a relationship of love! Then, why do you allow a third person to come between you? To allow a third person to interfere means to waste your time and energy. Yes, you can tell another person what your heart-to-heart conversation was like. You can co-operate with one another on this level and share your experiences with one another, but you mustn’t have a heart-to-heart conversation with a third person making that one your advisor. Don’t talk to one another as though you have a case. So, let go of the advisor and make up with one another and become happy. Since you have chosen your Partner, why do you allow a third person to come between you?  When you allow someone else to come between you, you end up in the middle of the ocean. Then, your Husband has to make the effort to save you and this is why the task of world transformation is left out. Then you ask when destruction will take place! Since you wives are not yet ready, how can destruction take place? Do you now understand why destruction is not taking place? When you don’t even know how to change your dress, how are you going to change the world? Achcha. He will tell you about the condition of the householders some other time. Today, He spoke to you of your internal household.
To those who are constantly raazyukt and yuktiyukt and who always have a close relationship, to those who are constantly happy and who keep others happy, to those who are constantly able to celebrate a meeting, to the children who are detached observers and the Father’s companions, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
Elevated avyakt versions of BapDada for the teachers:
Teachers are the most elevated souls, the same as the Father. Teachers should make a new plan every year. Even students are able to make service plans, so what do the teachers especially have to do? Now, create such a gathering that everyone says that, although you are many, you are united. Here, you have two - Didi and Dadi - and yet everyone experiences them to be one, and so this makes a great impact on everyone. Since they are two and yet give similar regard to one another, the two are visible to all others as one. All of you can also give the example of One, while there are many of you. People say that all of you speak the same things; everyone says what one of you says. You all dress in the same way. The words you all speak are the same points of knowledge. Although the way you speak knowledge may differ from one another, the essence of it is the same. Similarly, you must make such a group that everyone says that all of you are not many, but one (united). This is the speciality, is it not? Someone should be the instrument to become an example who everyone can follow. Whoever takes this initiative becomes Arjuna. Who will become Arjuna? Those who become Arjuna will receive the first prize. However, you do have to pay attention to something. What is that? What do you have to pay attention to? You have to co-operate with one another and see each other’s specialities, and not see each other’s weaknesses. Don’t listen to them either. You will have to make this practice very firm.  Whilst seeing everyone, accommodate the weaknesses of those souls and co-operate with them. You should not reject such souls, but have feelings of mercy for them. Just as you are merciful towards souls who are experiencing sorrow, so you must also become merciful towards the weaknesses. What will happen when you become merciful in this way? Although you are many, you will also become united. In the world outside, what do sensible and loving families do? They accommodate each other’s weaknesses. They co-operate with one another and thereby glorify the family name. They would help a poor member of the family and make him full. This too is a family. What should you do if some are influenced by their sanskars? Co-operate and encourage them. Increase their enthusiasm and make them your companions.  Then, although there are many of you, all of you will be seen to be united.  Is it difficult to do this? Since you are images that grant blessings, such blessed souls as you do not look at anyone’s weaknesses. So, what will you do? Demonstrate by dropping such an “atmic” (soul conscious) bomb. This is the duty of you teachers. Just as the Father doesn’t keep the children’s weaknesses in His heart, but, as the Comforter of Hearts, comforts your heart, so too, the teachers must be the same as the Father. Don’t look at anyone’s weaknesses! Instead of taking their weaknesses into your heart, comfort everyone’s heart in the same way as the Comforter of Hearts does. Then, everyone will sing songs of your praise and, no matter whether they are your companions or your subjects, blessings will emerge from the lips of all of them. Blessings should constantly emerge from them of your being constantly a very loving and co-operative soul; one who is equal to the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, in comforting their hearts. Only then would you be called a worthy teacher. If teachers continue to look at everyone’s defects, what difference would there be between the students and the teachers? A teacher is one who is seated on the Father’s gaddi. You are seated on the Father’s gaddi with Him, are you not? The companion would sit the closest of all, would they not? Teachers means those who are seated on the gaddi. So, now perform such wonders! Do you now understand who should be called a teacher? Anyone can claim a prize in this. A teacher should never speak of anyone’s weaknesses. Teachers should only speak of specialities. A teacher means one who is equal to the Father in supporting those who do not have courage. Do you understand who is called a teacher? There has been good expansion, now, create the essence of the gathering.
BapDada meeting groups:
What form does BapDada constantly see in all the children? The Father constantly sees the complete and perfect form in the children because He knows that, although you may be fluctuating today, you have to become unshakeable. You were this and you have to play that same part again and become perfect. This fluctuation only comes in the middle; it didn’t exist in the beginning and it will not be there in the future. This is a matter of the middle period. Therefore, the Father constantly sees each of you children in your elevated form. So, what should you children do? Children should always see their elevated form. Then, you will never come down. You have stayed down below for so many births! For 63 births, you have been experiencing coming down. You have become tired whilst coming down, haven’t you? Or, do you still want to taste some more? You now constantly have to ascend. Your descent has finished. Only the confluence age is the age of ascent. Then, your descent will begin. If you are going to keep ascending and descending in this short time, then when will you ascend? You tell others, “If not now, then never!”, so you have to remind yourself of the same thing. If you do not ascend now, then your descent will begin. So, constantly have an ascending stage and will really enjoy yourself. Nothing will be lacking in this life. In your future life, you will not even be aware of the contrast between having all attainments and no attainments. At this time, you are aware of both, and so the pleasure of it is experienced now. To become a Brahmin means to finish all desires. Since the Father has given you all treasures and also the key to the treasure store, why do you still ask for things? Is it that He is still hiding something that you are asking for something? The Father has given you everything you need without your having to ask for it. The Father does not like your form of asking for something. Would it seem right if the child of the Master of the World asks for something? He has already given you what you need. So, what are you going to do now? When you constantly maintain the intoxication of being the children of the Master of the World, your begging for anything will stop.
Now, fly everywhere the flag of being the conquerors of Maya. When this flag is flying high, all other flags will come down. You are now pulling the cord of the flag.  Then, when the flag is flying high, the flowers of revelation will shower down on everyone. Make one another co-operative and spread the vibrations of being a conqueror of Maya.  Make your fortress strong. Make your fortress so strong that Maya has no courage to come. If she does come to someone, chase her away from a distance.
May you receive the elevated reward and experience the ascending stage by keeping all the attainments of the confluence age in your awareness.   
The speciality of a meeting with God and God’s knowledge is to experience imperishable attainments.  It is not that the confluence age is a life of making effort and the golden-aged life is the life of a reward. The speciality of the confluence age is that, when you take one step, you receive the reward of a thousand steps. So, it is not just an effort-making life, but a life of an elevated reward. Constantly keep this form in front of you. On seeing the reward, you will easily experience the ascending stage. Sing the song, “I have attained that which I wanted to attain”, and you will be protected from choking and nodding off.
The breath of Brahmins is courage which makes even the most difficult task easy.   

Om Shanti